I Feel Like I Am All Alone

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    well were to start... i was married for 7 years and it had it up and lots of downs. he thought that he came before the kids and no one does that. so he had to go and i thought i found this guy that made my head spin well yeah he did. things went good at first then he got a friend...
    lovememore lovememore
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    Living a Normal Wanna Be Life

    my name is erick! hello to anyone who is reading this, and thanks if you are. it would mean allot to me if you would say a comment to me. oh and pardon my bad spelling and grammar haha.. but my story is to crazy to tell but i guess i can sum it up to how i am feeling at this...
    mexi91 mexi91
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    I have nobody to talk to about anything I'm going through. My parents are mean to me. My dad is an alcoholic and my mom is scared to stand up for herself and say what she thinks. I don't have many friends, I mostly just hang around some people at school that I don't relate to at...
    universaloneliness universaloneliness
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    Thank you for clicking on my experience.

    I just wanted to say... I feel like I'm all alone. I feel like I have no one here to help me. Let's just carry on. First of all, I am a fourteen year old and I am a freshmen. And to just say about high school. I feel like I am going to fail. Now you're probably thinking, " Oh...
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     Why Does It Feel Like I Will Always Be Alone? I Dont Want To Be Alone. I Hate This Feeling I Have Its As If I Will Never Find The Right Person I Try And Try To Be A Better Person But It Just Feels Like Its Never Enough.All My Friends Say I Deserve The Best But i Dont Know...
    cry7 cry7
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    By what I do,I am surrounded by people

    constantly. But yet, I feel completely alone. I am married, but alone. I am one for stimulating conversations, but that has long dried up. I have tons of "friends" but where are they? No where to be seen when I need them. I'm emotionally alone, but there is never time for...
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    littlered34 littlered34
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    Feb 2, 2015

    Plastic Smile

    Recalling back all those my memory, I could hardly remember the last time I stand up for myself.Ever since in kindergarten,I was always ended up being bully.Standing tall in 142cm at age 17 would really make things worse.Everybody sees and treat me as a kid. In fact, I hate my...
    Bluerian Bluerian
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    I Feel Like No One Understands Me...

    Im not quite sure how this works but the reason i got this is to speak to someone. The thing is i have no self confendence and i hate it, there is so many things i hate doing like even just getting on a bus or asking for something and even being myself and it sucks so i want...
    Megan15xoxo Megan15xoxo
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