I Feel Unloved When He Doesn't Touch Me

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    Insecure And Hating It

    I know for myself that when my fiancee refrains from touching me or just seems to be preoccupied,  I have the ability to completely twist things around in my head.  Such as:  He is not lovin up on me, so he must be doin' it somewhere else?  I start to become...
    starsreachhigh starsreachhigh
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    3 Responses May 11, 2010

    Married 24 Yrs And Intimacy Has Come To A Screeching Halt!

    My husband and i got married when i was 18. we have 2 grown children, a grandaughter and at the age of 42 i am 7 months pregnant. Our marriage has definitely had its ups and downs. After the first 6 or 7 years i stopped wanting to have sex. I avoided it like the plague. I thought...
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    I feel unloved when he dosn't touch me. I am in a marriage for 17 yrs.  The first 10 were good, affectionate and satisfying.  I still felt very much loved and in love.  Then things began to change.  He stopped touching me.  I stopped touching him. ...
    Confussed Confussed
    4 Responses Jun 22, 2008

    I'm Single, But When I ...

    I'm single, but when I was dating my ex, I loved when he touched me. And around the end of our relationship, he wasn't holding me when we slept next to each other. He turned his back to me and almost pushed me off the bed. It could've been a subconcious action, but it still stung...
    envysick envysick
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    Being Unloveable Is Unbarable

    How come i feel unloved when i am not touched? Is it that no one loves me? Am i truely unlovable. Why is it when im single i feel incomplete. And when im not touched i feel unloved whats wrong with me???
    smexybabe smexybabe
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    Not Just Women

    Seems so often you hear of women who don't want sex. My partner says he does but rarely touches me beyond a quick rub of a hand. He will hug me when home from work but never shows signs of wanting me. I am average in weight and looks. He is also. He has always been happy to have...
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    It really is amazing how hard you can focus

    and how much effort you can put forth, when working on something that's important to you, that you truly care about. It also makes it really clear how little you care about our nonexistent sex/love life, if you made even half the effort that you have been making for this test...
    princessmaryjane4200 princessmaryjane4200
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    Am I That Bad?

    I guess I get that we like never have sex, it has been almost 11 years of marriage and I am lucky if we have sex 4-5 a year. But I don't et that he doesn't touch me. I get the obligatory hug when he gets home from work and then the peck on the check but that is it. I so miss...
    unwantedathome unwantedathome
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    He Doesn't Touch Me Anymore

    He used to hug me, kiss me, hold me, rub my feet & shoulders, etc. Lately my fiance hasn't been doing these things. He pulls away when I try to kiss him. I asked him about it. He said he thought we were far enough into our relationship to feel "comfortable" so why should he do...
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    Isnt It Worth The Pain...just A Lil Bit?

    My bf constantly complains that his couch is uncomfortable and instead prefers to lounge on his lazy boy. Thus he rarely cuddled on the couch with me. He does always pull me into a hug when helping me up from the couch. Also he's nor very s.e.x.ual and sometimes when I ask him...
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    He Has His Moments

    Most days, when my boyfriend gets home from work, he will walk right past me to start on one of his many projects or get a beer from the fridge. I go up to him and wrap my arms around him and ask him how his day was. Most days he looks through me and just says "It was work. What...
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    My boyfriend of 1.5 years lately seems to be bored of me. Earlier we couldn't get our hands off each other, we used to have phone sex, send dirty text messages to each other, but now all that has stopped. Sometimes i try to initiate those dirty talks but he always seems...
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    Slowly Losing Him

    When I was a year younger, I met this man, he was seventeen years of age. His adopted younger sister was who I met him through. We were all at a High School football game. My friends, Leah, Kerith, Kyle, JJ, and Catherine. We were hanging out behind the scoreboard. I...
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