I Get Deja Vu Sometimes

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    Strange Feeling

    Ever since I was a kid. I got it more then but still get it a lot now. I can't predict what people are saying next, it's just a feeling. A very odd feeling. But I like odd things so it's not bad. That feeling I've been through the experience I'm having before.   Deja...
    outofphase outofphase
    26-30, F
    Mar 1, 2010

    Alot Of Times

    i get deja vu alot of times . it is very weird .
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    1 Response Dec 18, 2009

    My Dream Deja Vu

    It's like the same type of dream with the same person over and over. Then later on in the month something happens and it plays out almost the same way. It's strange. With the new set of dreams I've been having I'm worried that it'll actually give me a really bad case of Deja Vu...
    lollysmiles30 lollysmiles30
    18-21, F
    Feb 12, 2013

    I Get Deja Vu Sometimes

    I Get Deja Vu Sometimes... It can be a bit scary when you are in room with like 5 or 6 people in and you know exactly what they are going to say next... You suddenly flash back and it's always the same people in the same places that were sitting or standing in before and they...
    GoodGuy34 GoodGuy34
    31-35, M
    3 Responses Mar 31, 2008

    It Happens Quite A Lot

    I dream things some nights that are very particular like a place, time, what i am doing at the time and sometimes people also what we are talking about. And then maybe a couple of years later i will b in that same place and doing what i did in my dream. And what scares me is...
    jawdrop jawdrop
    18-21, M
    1 Response Mar 22, 2010

    I read somewhere that Deja Vu was the mind

    processing something later than it was suppose to not by much but enough to make you think it has happened before but it really happened a split second ago but the brain had a small delay on processing it correct me if I'm wrong please I'm looking for different the truth or...
    Jennivee Jennivee
    22-25, F
    1 Response Dec 7, 2015


    its kinda like seeing a show on tv that is a re-run like you already seen it but just watching it again before the new season starts back or something. But this happens to me like every couple weeks and it makes me wonder if ive already grown old died and now im 're-trying' the...
    AquilaAqua AquilaAqua
    18-21, M
    Jan 16, 2013


    I was going to write a story for this group, but now I get this strange feeling that I already did....
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    2 Responses May 16, 2013

    Useless Gift

      I get Deja Vu and every now and then I know what is going to happen next.  They say that Deja Vu is no mystery, that it can be explained and that it's just completely fabricated by the brain.  I believe that about most instances, but when you absolutely know...
    fascad3 fascad3
    36-40, M
    Mar 1, 2010

    More Often Than Not

    I have had countless Deja Vu experiences all my life and it has occurred much more as of late. Along with Deja Vu are the returning senses that I have neglected to stimulate. The beauty of truth and of ancient memories fills me with joy. Thinking about Deja Vu reminds me that I...
    LITA5013 LITA5013
    31-35, F
    1 Response Apr 30, 2013

    Deja Vu Is Wierd

    When i was a child i had a dream where i was walking down a sidewalk in some apartments that i had never seen before. when i was walking to do something a couple came around the corner and looked at me and asked "whats wrong with your forehead?" "this? i said, then woke up...
    demongodx demongodx
    18-21, M
    Jan 10, 2012
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