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    i have a really bad memory so helps me remember people a lot easier. I give nicknames to almost everyone, most of these nicknmaes, however i keep inside my head!:-)
    Donalh Donalh
    22-25, M
    May 10, 2008

    I Do This Sooo Often.

    I end up giving pretty much all my closest friends a nickname of some sort, whether I simply shorten their name or I make up a silly nickname like Taco.Not really sure why I do, but as long as they don't get upset by it I always find it fun. It's like just out of nowhere I think...
    tjlkitty tjlkitty
    26-30, M
    1 Response Apr 18, 2012

    Kinda Cute

    My kids all have several nicknames... some are secret like "oops" and "uh oh"...LOL and then there are the ones everyone uses... Joey ~ JoJo or Tank (for obvious reasons) Christina ~ Tina, Teeny, and for fun (and she loves it) Satin Jr. (I'm Sr...
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
    36-40, F
    1 Response Oct 20, 2007

    I Give Almost Everyone Nick Names Even If They Dont Know It For Awhile Usually Within 5 Minutes

    I have  nicknames  for  everyone  that I  talk to  after  5 minutes or  more of knowing them.   My  little  brother  damein is lil D   Keisha is lil moma   Brice is  lil papa   Salem is lil...
    powerranger powerranger
    13-15, M
    Aug 11, 2009


    My most famous one was invented right here on EP! BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (inspired by Sathanas, he hates this nickname :D )
    whatever223 whatever223
    18-21, F
    6 Responses Aug 11, 2009

    It's Like Ep Is Slowly Taking Over My Brain

    I was in the grocery store today, and a lady walked up to me, and she was saying she needed to get a few towns over, but she didn't have any more money to travel on the bus. I didn't have any spare cash, and normally, 98% of the time I'm very polite and well mannered when...
    Infinite9 Infinite9
    70+, F
    May 18, 2012

    Friends, Co-workers, Relatives, And - Oh, Yeah - Mom And Dad, Too

    It started with my mom and dad. Dad used to "grumph" around the house, so we took to calling him " an old grizzly bear",later shortened to "teddy bear", and, still later, just "bear". At first, he used to yell, "I'm no god-blessed BEAR!" But we persisted, calling him "Osborne...
    MaryJanine MaryJanine
    61-65, F
    May 29, 2013


    I just wish the ones I gave out weren't so lame, haha. It's all good though.
    Rookie009 Rookie009
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Nov 14, 2012

    Cranky Chris Or Meltdown Molly

    I just recently started this thing where i give people nicknames based on their moods.  As an elementary school teacher, it all started when I had a student who would not stop talking.  I have no clue where this came from but I remember calling her "Chatty Cathy...
    reachin4goals reachin4goals
    31-35, F
    Oct 20, 2007

    I'M Always Doing It

    Lol I can't help my self I always do it my son has loads his name's Ryan but he gets called ry, ryry, ry bomb, ry dog, ry master, fat man, ryster, monster munch, munchkin head, little man, sponge bob stinky pants, or bub boo's, my nephews called Michael and I call him mikey moo...
    tasharyan tasharyan
    22-25, F
    Feb 20, 2013

    As Much As Teachers Count As "People" :p

    I've got into the habit of giving unfavourable nicknames to my lecturers. At the moment there's Double D, Shuperman and The Crow. No one else would understand the first one (because it's a derivative of an earlier nickname I had for him), I don't think they'd know who I meant by...
    maydaybandit maydaybandit
    22-25, F
    Jul 28, 2009


    I love giving people nicknames and most people in work have been given one by me, wether they like it or not ha ha!! My boss is called Adam but sometimes he's mean so I call him S.Adam My deputy Manager's surname is Morris so he's Mozza Work colleagues.... Jackie is now...
    31-35, F
    1 Response Oct 20, 2007
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