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    My Clinic

    my methadone clinic is tucked away on a side street off the highway, literally in between a dump and a sewage treatment facility. so every morning before i get dosed i get to smell garbage and ****. it makes feel better though seeing the creeps who go to my clinic. trashy ghetto...
    shootthemoon86 shootthemoon86
    8 Responses Dec 6, 2009

    Counseling Is Just Interrogation

    I used to think counselors were supposed to somewhat actually care about a patients well being, but any more they're mere low level interrogators now not worth giving reasonable answers to. The way i feel anymore, prove to me you're worthy of your possition because I don't "...
    mram50 mram50
    46-50, M
    4 Responses Sep 26, 2009

    Methadone Grandma...

      I have been going to a methadone clinic for almost 3 years now.When you think about drug addicts what comes to mind..Is it a 40 something mom of 4 and grandmom of 2 or is it the homeless people that you see in almost all cities..Is it the women you see in the grocery...
    turkstragal turkstragal
    2 Responses Jul 22, 2009

    What's your dose ? && how's it working

    for you ? Mine is 75 MG/day . Liquid form.
    925jayroose 925jayroose
    26-30, F
    1 Response Sep 9, 2015

    I do, it's true. I am

    now 32, but I started my love-affair with opiates when I was in early high-school. For some reason, I thought that the kids dealing drugs and doing drugs were really the coolest kids. It was a small school, and I regret some of the things I 'learned'. Anyway I started using...
    Nateindenver Nateindenver
    31-35, M
    1 Response Jun 17, 2014

    So, I have been going to this clinic

    for a few years now. I have not had any relapses, and I'm very much dedicated to the program. I believe if you are, it's genuinely very helpful. Like any business though, there are multiple clients... I have grown to dislike most of the clients, because many of them are very...
    Nateindenver Nateindenver
    31-35, M
    1 Response May 11, 2015


    Before I share my story, especially since I don't have much time right now, I just want to say I am so happy and relieved to find this group here!! Nobody in my life understands why I went this way with my addiction and I get grief from the family. I have nobody to talk to...
    KarynT45 KarynT45
    41-45, F
    Nov 17, 2012

    12 Yrs At 240 Mg==omg

    Started the clinic after buying doses for three years and doing Dilaudid and heroin for 20 yrs before that. I also liked cocaine so I got my first dirty in 6 yrs (never had an opiate dirty) which is why i just lost my 30 takehomes and now have to drive 230miles roundtrip to...
    Imemine Imemine
    56-60, F
    Oct 24, 2012

    Mathadone Treatment Worries

    Hi, I have been on methadone for 2 1/2 years now. I can say that my life has trully changed however, I am worried that I will never get off methadone. Every time I try I begin to get sick. I know that you have to deal with some pain but I get the full blown withdrawls even if I...
    jeanne79 jeanne79
    6 Responses Jun 17, 2009

    Methadone Free Over A Month Now

    So a month ago I quit taking my methadone and xanax cold turkey. I'd gotten lowered to 30mgs at the clinic, which I was barely even feeling. I didn't have a script for the xanax, so the clinic lowered my done dose 5mgs every 2 weeks cuz of dirty drug tests. I just got so tired of...
    MalCasteel MalCasteel
    26-30, F
    Mar 4, 2013
    ElizabethC1983 ElizabethC1983
    31-35, F
    Feb 15, 2014

    A Lil About Me

    I'm really nervous I go to the methadone clinic first thing in the morning!! I have been addicted to pills for several years but getting kicked out of a pain clinic and a dr office made me realize I had a serious problem I was given them for back pain and fibromyalgia!!! Any...
    Tweetydee Tweetydee
    31-35, F
    1 Response Apr 3, 2013

    I am a member in a methadone clinic.

    It's an replacement opiate treatment program utilized to help people get away from street drugs. It is a great program, and I wish it was applied more universally throughout the country. One of the biggest problems though, is that many of the patients are not actually...
    Nateindenver Nateindenver
    31-35, M
    1 Response Aug 19, 2015

    A Reality Show Waiting To Happen

    Don't get me wrong. The clinic and methadone saved my life. If I hadn't started the clinic on July 8th, 2008, a day that I celebrate on the level of my birthday (and I'm very serious about birthdays. love 'em) I would be dead right now. I have no question about that in my...
    Steener2492 Steener2492
    26-30, F
    6 Responses Dec 6, 2010

    I Am a Recovering Addict.

    I'm really sorry that more people haven't had this experience. There are a lot of people in drug experiences, but none here. This is probably one of my best experiences considering those that have happened in my past. I started using opiates in high school. I dated and...
    nicopico nicopico
    22-25, F
    12 Responses May 11, 2009
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