I Got Hit

my high school boy friend hit me 8 People

    I'm a sophomore in high school.

    Enjoying my 2nd day of school. I saw this freshman boy crying on the floor in the hall so I sit with him and ask him what's wrong, and he punched my face hard. I didn't expect it. I didn't hit him back. I didn't cry. I didn't say anything. I just watched him get up and walk off...
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    I Never Saw It Coming

    As I have stated in other stories, I have some major issued in my marriage. I love this site because I am a very private person and here I have found that I can share, received support, be comforted, and not feel as though people are pointing at me or whispering behind my back. I...
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    I Was 14 He Was 27 Year Old Man

    I had a boy friend to hit me beclase I told him no for s e x , Dont judge me i wasnt  a tramp i was a virgin, i know he was one of my first boyfriend i wanst even thinking about s e x , he was in my eyes a boy friend in the purest way.  i told him i dint want s e x...
    lunnas lunnas
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