I Got Molested On The Bus

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    My story isn't nearly

    as extreme as others so I'm not even really sure it counts but whatever. Anyways, I was in seventh grade and I was sitting on the bus with this boy who I had ridden the bus with for a year before. He was known for being a trouble maker but I didn't think he was all that bad. We...
    SkinnyJenny420 SkinnyJenny420
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    My Story

    One day i catched the bus and i saw a girl standing so I and stand next to her, I slowly put my hand in her ***, and well she didn't say anything so I continued and i avanced to her boobs then vagina......... then she slwly *********** me in the bus. So we swaped phone numbers...
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    Riding the bus to and from school,

    as I was developing into a young woman, some of the boys began to sit with me..All innocent enough, until they would fondle my breasys, and rub between my legs. At first I was adamant against these unwanted advances, but after awhile, I began to like it. I even went to the point...
    Lusting4Her Lusting4Her
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    2nd Time

    As i said, the story consists of a few parts, so here's the second part. [ This really happened to me]   I went up the bus and went right to the back, since the rest of the bus was quite full. I fell asleep quite fast, since i wake up quite early, and for a while nothing...
    eliswoo eliswoo
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    3 years ago , i felt asleep on my school bus ,

    i woke up feeling weird , the guy sitting next to me had placed a blanket over me and started touch me in on my vagina and my boobs , i was scared so i pretend to sleep , it last about an hour before he left
    Dhdifjjd Dhdifjjd
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    I moved out of my house in very early age

    and stayed I hostel. While I must be 12-13 while traveling in bus, one uncle rub my thighs while I was asleep. I got awake but did not understand what is he trying to do and kept silent and he hold my private part gradually and hold it for long . It was very unusual feelings but...
    xRohit xRohit
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    1st Time

    I'm going to share my experience which consists of three parts, first one is the time when i took a bus for the third time ever since starting to take the bus to school.It was 6 am in the morning and the bus arrived, i was still sleepy, having woken up at 5.30 am. I found an...
    eliswoo eliswoo
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