I Had A Dream I Murdered A Few People

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    It was really scary cuz usually I'm a great

    person but I dreamt I killed my family. What does it mean??....
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    "I Had a Dream I Murdered a Few People"

    I acutually have had quiet a few of these dreams. I wake up and I still feel kinda in rage and such. It is crazy but I guess these dreams are of way of me to deal with some of the feelings that I have for quite a few people
    DyinToBeLoved DyinToBeLoved
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    my dream was about a war so im not sure if thats really considered murder. i guess its just based on peoples opinions. also im not exactly sure how many people i killed in this dream. at least 3. anyway, it was all like a video game. it was set in this massive green cube with no...
    ninja ninja
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    Jan 10, 2007


    Everytime i slept at my dads house under the painted man (long story i will explain soon i think!) I used to have dreams of the devil! not just the red guy with horns but in peoples minds etc! I used to dream i had the devil in me n i would kill people to get revenge, feel...
    sazead sazead
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    Feb 21, 2007

    A Few Times...

    Sometimes people I know, sometimes faceless strangers. The strangers, well, maybe I'm just crazy. As for the people I know, I have consciously wanted to kill them for what they've put my family through, but others, well, I have no clue. Again, maybe I'm just crazy.
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    One Person Actually

    last weekend i had a dream that i murdered this girl who used to live on my floor. we got into a screaming fight and i started punching her and the next thing i knew i was running away from the scene. a few days later they named me a suspect and i had to be questioned by the...
    runnagirrl runnagirrl
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    I Killed A Man (in My Dreams)

    This isn't the first time I had a dream like this. I will tell two of my dreams of murder: I look outside the back window of my house, and I stare at all the wildlife. I feel at total peace. I then move on to the front windows. They are small, but I see a car driving by, no, not...
    MaiaTheBroken MaiaTheBroken
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