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    Ain't Technology Wonderful

    I had a mammogram in November.  I received a letter in the mail, telling me that something was found in my left breast.  They recommend a second test of that breast in 6 months.  Well, breast cancer scares the **** out of me.  I went to a breast doctor today...
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    Mammogramy, A Cancer-causing Farce

      (NaturalNews) The cancer industry has blatantly abandoned science these past two weeks by insisting women under 50 should receive annual mammograms even though the industry's own scientific task force concluded that such...
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    I had my first mammogram this week,

    which may seem unusual because I am a male. It was a check just because the women in my lineage have had cancer and I have been tender there recently when doing activities. I do have gynecomastia making me about a 38B. My results were clear. Everyone from the receptionist...
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    May 17, 2015


    Walked in… well okay, RAN in as the appointment was for 10am and it was already that. Filled out the forms, history, insurance, etc, and apparently much faster than the others in the lobby because I was called 1st (and boy did I get dirty looks from that). The tech was...
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    I just got a mammagram

    and receive a letter telling me I don't have breast cancer.. Thank God
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    Hey, Easy With That Thing!

    That still belongs to me! Stop stretching it across the room! I said "OUCH" dammit! I have been getting mams annually since 2003. I am grateful for the Mobile Mam Unit and their advanced technology. The first one was nerve wracking, not really knowing what to expect...
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    Tired Of Having To Get A Mammogram Every 6 Months!

    Since 2009, I have had to get a mammogram every six months.  I had a sonogram and it came out normal.  So why do I still have to get a mammogram every six months.  They say it is only on my right breast, but when will I not have to go back.  They say the spot is not cancerous...
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    So Worried

    had a mammo last week and then had the sonogram. I knew something wasn't quite right when the technician tld me that she needed to bring in the specialist. They kept moving the scanner around the breast. Yesterday i followed up with my pcp and they advised that the radiologist...
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    Aug 7, 2012

    Go, Sisters, Go

    I knew what I was in for and so wasn't nervous at all. I'd heard that the squeezing/flattening procedure could be painful, but I have a pretty high tolerance for pain ... migraines and sinus headaches have paved the way for any other type of pain. I've spent enough time in...
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    Squished Again!

    Yep, today I left the office for about an hour, ran to my appointment and came back. It's that easy to do and not as big a deal as some make it. Just go and get it over with. They put the boobage on a platter, squish and snap and you go bu-bye. Not bad, didn't really hurt, a...
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    There were some issues with my breasts, so a mammogram was ordered..it was a very tense four days waiting for the results..there was a mix up in who was supposed to get the results from whom..turns out I have cystic mastitis..not at all fatal, just really uncomfortable.  Now...
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    Last Month A few months ago,

    I noticed I had pain in my left breast. I had the same problem on the other side last year. When I told my doctor about it, she examined me and said she would put in a referral to one of the breast surgeons. She then said I should be expecting a call to set hings in up within...
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    Jul 4, 2015

    No More Mammograms Needed

    I dread having to get a mammogram exam done twice a year. Being BRCA 1+ I elected to have a BPM (bilateral prophylactic mastectomy) at the age if 29. I was single at the time I had the surgery without thoughts of having reconstruction. As a teenager I had breast reduction surgery...
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    Sep 6, 2013

    Just Do It Already

    Tomorrow is Monday, already my least favorite day of the week.  So I decided to just jam pack it with all the things I so love to do.  No pun intended in any of that, of course. It is time for my annual mammogram.  Yes, I've reached the age where I must now have...
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