I Had a Psychosis

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    hi Having been diagnosed as having cannabis induced psychosis over 10 years ago I  have just suffered another attack.  This time I have been diagnosed with brief psychotic reaction to stress.  I really want to avoid suffering another attack.  I have...
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    Paranoid Psychosis

    I have Borderline Personality disorder and almost a year ago I was diagnosed with Paranoid psychosis. I think theworst thing is the constant fear that someone is coming to hurt you. You dont go out on your own, you wont let anyone near you and you cant trust anyone around you...
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    Is It Possible?

    Well, out of curiosity I started reading forums on psychosis. Now I have some concerns about myself. First, I am an alcoholic, however I do not drink constantly I just have trouble stopping when I start. Secondly I seem to have bouts of depression. Now, on to the psychosis...
    Optimusklein Optimusklein
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    I Had A Psychosis

    I had a psychosis, It all started when I moved out to live on my own, the house was old, older than my parents. The bedroom I dwelled in was a creepy basement room and when the sprinkler was on outside sometimes I would awaken to drips on my head from it's window. I was an honest...
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