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    My Flexi Sig Was Like Watching The Opening Credits To Dr Who

    Wednesday 23rd May 2012Woke up this morning, off to work, stuffed my face with my usual junk, Crisps although not as much as I normally eat. 12 midday I stop eating just drink water, later  that night I have Chopped Egg and 3 slices of toast and Water. I go to bed dreaming of...
    JadMock JadMock
    26-30, M
    May 28, 2012


    I am having another sigmoidoscopy on tuesday and I am terrified, I have severe rectal bleeding because of a hole in the lower bowel, I had a colonoscopy in jan and it was like being tortured alive, i have way past any embarrassment, last time I was given sedatives which meant...
    poppyjoe poppyjoe
    31-35, F
    Jul 29, 2007

    An 18 Year Old Girl's Perspective.

    After a couple of months of waiting and an on-going problem "down there" involving bleeding, mucus, and varying amounts of pain when going to the toilet, I had my first flexible sigmoidoscopy today. I was taken into the endoscopy unit where a nurse sat me down and...
    princesszelda princesszelda
    3 Responses Nov 27, 2008

    2nd Sigmoidoscopy - Today

    Hi - Not to belittle the other's experiences here, but today I had my 2nd sigmoidoscopy.  These things are NO BIG DEAL. I think that nowadays a lot of folks are SO used to an extremely high level of "comfort" that they get bent out of shape with even a relatively...
    rpritele rpritele
    May 12, 2008

    I Had A Flexable Signoidoscopy On June 11.

    I had a Flexable Signoidoscopy on June 11.    My intestines had collapsed twice now and this was the second time.  When my doc tried in reinflate them, he had done this the first time and it worked, I ended up getting a small tear because of the force used to...
    grammylorrie grammylorrie
    56-60, F
    Jun 26, 2010

    Tube to Nowhere

    Humiliating. Painful. Hilarious. My first sigmoidoscopy was not only the most uncomfortable experience of my life, but likewise the most humiliating. But fear not, if you approach this invasion of your body with a good sense of humor, you will survive with only slight...
    Andre2 Andre2
    31-35, M
    62 Responses Mar 25, 2006

    My Painful Experience

    Well after reading the other stories on here I had mixed feelings about my upcoming sigmoidoscopy which was last friday, I wasn't sure whether it would hurt or not but either way I was not looking forward to it.  Anyway on the day I was petrified and not helped by the 3 day...
    piglet76 piglet76
    3 Responses Dec 22, 2008

    A 20 Year Old Guy's Perspective.

    I'm actually surprised at all the horror stories here, as for me it was a fine experience, although that is probably due to the extrordinary circumstances through which it came about. I had been seriously sick for almost a whole month, having bloody stool many times a day...
    4 Responses Nov 30, 2008

    Life Time Of Sigmoidoscopies

    I am 34 and have had a life time of rigid and flexibile sigmoidoscopies along with colonoscopies due to an on going bowel problem since a very young age.  My first sigmoidoscopy was when I was 8 years old and was a rigid sigmoidoscopy exam.  I still can remember...
    hawkfire hawkfire
    31-35, M
    1 Response Mar 4, 2010

    Not Supposed to Go In That End

    I have had two sigmoidoscopys in the past 5 years and I didn't enjoy either one of them.  The prep for one is just so nasty, I can't stand to drink that fleet ****.  Still to this day the lemon-lime smell gags me.  I don't rember my first sigmoi since they put me...
    crazycoolcat28 crazycoolcat28
    26-30, F
    1 Response Sep 9, 2006

    I had this done today,

    I was so, so, so nervous. I should say I am 21 years old and had lots of super fun symptoms. Anyways I began this morning taking 2 super fun enemas, I had visions of me rocketing off the toilet, but alas this didn't happen. When I arrived at the hospital I got to change into...
    Wilfaulk15 Wilfaulk15
    22-25, F
    Jan 15, 2015

    Please Consider The Sedation

    Ok here goes my experience. For quite awhile I have had spotty tissue paper with occasional itching and irritation. Well, imagine my horror after seeing bright red blood in the toilet bowl after a non-eventful BM (let's not kid ourselves they are all eventful). I did what most 40...
    erichwendel erichwendel
    May 11, 2012

    What the Hell R They Doing!!!!!

    My doc decided I needed the test among several others to check for Crohns,, I was lucky ...the test came back negative ,but the resulting surgery n other complications ,,have me wonderin ,,what the hell were they doing ,,.I thought these test were suppose to help ,, they couldn't...
    lonewolf2long lonewolf2long
    46-50, M
    Dec 21, 2007

    Me As Well

    I had what my doc called a colonoscopy, which sounds like basically the same thing.  I thought it was pretty cool in part, though I had alot of difficulties with the anaesthesia.  I actually woke up before they got out of my colon so I got to see the inside of myself...
    auxarcs auxarcs
    36-40, F
    Jun 20, 2008

    Not As Bad As I Thought.

    I'm 25 years old and I had this procedure done yesterday.  The 2 week anticipation was hell.  I'm a very nervous person when it comes to anything medically related.  I haven't had alot of test done since I'm pretty healthy but the GI thought it was necessary to...
    Blondie506 Blondie506
    22-25, F
    2 Responses May 14, 2010

    You Will Survive!

    Okay, I don't normally post stories like this in any forum, but in this case I felt compelled to. Most of these stories scared the crap out of me (literally and figuratively). I came across this "forum" looking for information on a sigmoidoscopy after I was told I...
    maple9 maple9
    3 Responses Dec 11, 2009


    I had a sigmoidoscopy 8 years ago and it was horrible.  The MD said he saw in my chart where I was allergic to Demerol.  I said that was not true, but I had gotten too much once and got extremely dizzy - saw hospital beds flying up and down and around!.  He said...
    AliceH AliceH
    Jul 24, 2008

    Not So Bad

    Reading these stories here really surprised me, so I'm chiming in. I had a sigmoidoscopy yesterday, and it wasn't so bad. Yeah, it was somewhat painful/awkward, but what do you expect? I didn't even know that sedation was an option, but it seems silly to risk the side effects of...
    tempaccount tempaccount
    1 Response Apr 9, 2009

    ALWAYS Look On the Bright Side of Life!!

    I had a sigmoidoscopy today, yes and I survived! I have had many operations and proceedures on this area of my body but most of them have thankfully been carried out whilst I was  knocked out . I still feel very humiliated and embarrassed going through these tests and...
    bubbles23 bubbles23
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Jan 8, 2008

    Dreading the Thought of Sigmoidoscopy!

    I'm having my first sigmoidoscopy next Monday and wish I had never come on here to look it up.  Having had 4 colonoscopy done over the last few years and been awake for all of them I wasn't scared until I came on here and read your stories.  I have never had a...
    Gillucy Gillucy
    Sep 23, 2008

    Sigmoidoscopy, Cmon Guys, Its Completely Ok

    Hey guys, i just came home from hospital where i had fex sigmo... i was reading these all stories below. Some of them really made me feel scared others helped me to feel more relax.. Of cource i was scared but not so much. In the morning i came there to check in (no preparation...
    Feb 4, 2013

    Sammy's Sigmoidoscopy

    The fear of the unknown is always a worry. Read lots of stories about the procedure. Just had to face it. The morning came, made sure I had my bubble bath ready and some dettol too; didn't want to be a smelly patient. I was given the small enema bottle to stick up my bum an hour...
    jimmytorton jimmytorton
    1 Response Sep 10, 2011

    Sigmoidoscopy Pep-talk

    Well, after 4 months of waiting for an appointment, and 5 days of worrying myself stupid after finding out that the procedure would be this Friday, I finally had my sigmoidoscopy today. Let me just say, it was not at all what I thought it would be.There are so many horror stories...
    survivedit survivedit
    Jul 8, 2011

    Yeah I Faced It

    Having read all those stories of horrors of flexible sigmoidoscopies I felty a deep sense of dread at the prospect of my forthcoming procedure. Pacing the floor, "you just can't let then do this to you" I kelpt thinking. Here's the real story, it just ain't that bad. I had no...
    Barbarbolitus Barbarbolitus
    51-55, M
    Dec 8, 2012

    I just had this done last week at Kaiser in Los

    Angeles. The prep is the same as for a Colonoscopy, you have to fast the date before and at 6pm the day before start taking the stuff that clears our your colon. For this procedure they only look at the lower part of your colon so it's less in scope than a full on...
    daejoyeong daejoyeong
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Jul 5, 2014

    Fear of the Great Unknown!

     Wow! Couple of horror stories there! I had a flexible stigmoidoscopy yesterday. The whole day is pretty intense I guess. From the self-administered enema.... right through to the procedure itself. But on the whole, you just get through it and like I say in the title...
    pawsher pawsher
    41-45, M
    Jul 18, 2007

    The actual procedure is nothing to get excited

    about having had my fair share of both sigmoid and colonoscopy examinations due to having had bowel cancer it's just another day off work hurrah!!!!
    williamj1957 williamj1957
    56-60, M
    1 Response Mar 18, 2014

    It's Not Painful At All

    I've had one not so long ago and it is not associated with ANY pain whatsoever. A little discomfort - yes, pain - NO. The pain only may come if you're dealing with an unskilled doctor. First I had to prepare myself with enemas in the evening on the previous day and in the...
    PreciousResin PreciousResin
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Dec 6, 2009

    In The Nick Of Time

    Turning 60 in a few months, I decided to have a sigmoidoscopy exam. I'd had some problems previously with a Blastocystis parasite problem and C Diff type diarrhea after treament with Bactrim that took three years to clear up. I went into the exam with confidence in the doctor...
    daycareworker daycareworker
    Aug 11, 2012

    Absolutley Terrafied!!

    I have got my flexible sigmoidoscopy on friday and i am soo scared. I have read through alot of these stories and it seems pretty balanced between people who have had good and bad experiences so i dont know what to think. I am definately asking for sedation, that much i know asi...
    mummyfw mummyfw
    3 Responses Jan 2, 2011

    What Have I Gotten Myself Into????

    so here it is i am a 26 year old female with a complaint of constant diarrhea and now i need a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy to i would imagine check for colon cancer i didnt think that was the problem by any stretch of the imagination i am terrified becasue of the test and why they...
    tabbikat tabbikat
    26-30, F
    6 Responses Feb 26, 2010

    Not Nearly As Bad As I Thought!

    I literally just had a flexible sigmoidoscopy about 2.5 hours ago; and I wanted to set the story straight about this procedure. Yesterday while trying to find out more about this procedure, I read these people's stories (on this site) and was almost in tears with fright...
    sjb2213 sjb2213
    1 Response Jan 15, 2009

    No Gain Without Pain

    I initially went to my GP after a series of bouts of rectal bleeding.  After a short inspection with the inevitable glove clad finger she announced that I should really have this inspected properly.  The NHS is much maligned but, possibly because I'm Type 2...
    Landroverman Landroverman
    51-55, M
    2 Responses Dec 11, 2009


    I had a sigmoidoscopy at Kaiser and I will never do it again. I needed something to relax me and they never asked me if i needed a relaxer. I was very tense and i could not take  it. I told them that i was in too much pain and they hurriedly took out the tube, they took it...
    jpatn6 jpatn6
    4 Responses Jan 12, 2009

    Sigmoidoscopy - First One Was Fine, Second One - Ouch.

    This was my second sigmoidoscopy, I had one about 16 years ago which was fine - a bit of discomfort but nothing beyond what you would expect, so I'm not a wimp when it comes to hospital treatment. I was therefore completely thrown by the pain of this one which was, I'm sorry to...
    lisajoa lisajoa
    1 Response Aug 8, 2011

    No Need To Be Worried About This Procedure Itself

    I had a positive result so i suppose there is a danger to being somewhat biased and of course there must be a few with negative stories who are so down they aren't much interested in posting reviews on the forums.However, for those who are concerned/worried about their upcoming...
    frankelsmashesblackcaviar frankelsmashesblackcaviar
    Apr 30, 2012

    Related Experiences

    EP was a wild ride. I found it years ago when I needed someone to talk to and from there its been nothing but a rollercoaster. Ive gained friends, lost them, faught, loved, lost...
    Chpt16 Chpt16
    16-17, M
    1 Response Apr 20
    I had an abdominal myomectomy on 21st March. This is my 5th week of recovery and I am due back to work next week (half days) and then resuming normal duties the following week...
    HorseyAli HorseyAli
    36-40, F
    1 Response Apr 20
    I was 9 when the Swine Flu hoohah happened. We were on holiday in Bulgaria, staying in my grandparents' cramped, Soviet-style apartment in Burgas, when I caught some sorta flu. I...
    AsYetNameless AsYetNameless
    13-15, T
    Apr 19
    I went to a certain therapist, the only one in town, three times over the course of two months. My dad had made appointments for me because, well, he walked in on me hurting...
    shybot shybot
    16-17, F
    2 Responses Apr 18
    Two years ago when I was a freshman, we were working on a very difficult project in a class called Success Strategies - basically consumer economics mixed with career strategies...
    shybot shybot
    16-17, F
    1 Response Apr 17
    Ok. So my babysitter had a pool and it was summer so she'd let us (my sister and I) swim if we brought bathing suits and floaties. One day we forgot our floaties and my mom told...
    EridianaAndErin EridianaAndErin
    13-15, F
    1 Response Apr 16
    I had an affair. How strange to even type these words. It isn't difficult to admit those words. It is difficult to relate to those words because I was in the camp of people who...
    daliadoom daliadoom
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Apr 15
    Sorry, this is long... I've always been an outdoor girl. I love to feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face. The first time my boyfriend (x boyfriend now) asked me to go...
    Softandsweet2 Softandsweet2
    26-30, F
    4 Responses Apr 15
    First post here, just thought id share my experience:) Im from the uk and after going to the doctors about my labia (left side was alot longer than right and was also thicker) the...
    deleted deleted
    Apr 14
    -Life In Transition: A Compilation of Memories-I was born biologically male, but over the course of my life, have realized that my mind and soul on the inside feels female. Women...
    KayleeBehrens KayleeBehrens
    18-21, T
    Apr 13
    I had a creepy experience with Christain yesterday. Of course the one damn day I wanna be left alone is the day he wants to make contact with me. Ok anyway, he keeps saying he has...
    SuchHorribleThings SuchHorribleThings
    16-17, F
    1 Response Apr 12
    so when my fever broke last night i had the weirdest dream ever... basically i was dreaming the these people we creating this thing and i still cant remember what it was. all i...
    gkelly10 gkelly10
    13-15, F
    Apr 10
    September 26 of 2015 is a day that will forever be burned into my mind. I was asleep next to my latest rocker boyfriend in our two bedroom apartment sound asleep with our two...
    cosmicburst cosmicburst
    22-25, F
    Apr 10
    In February of 2015 i went on a cruise. It was a 7 day cruise in the beginning of the school year so i had to take school off.Because it was in the begging of the year more than 80...
    bellskoolness bellskoolness
    18-21, F
    Apr 7
    Okay, so i have never been in this kind of situation, but here it goes. I hope someone can help me find closure and make me feel better cause i just havnt been able to feel good...
    dflor16 dflor16
    22-25, F
    Apr 7
    TWO DECADES, TWO CONTINENTS (Part 41) Settlement Conference continued... Evan: Maybe she wanted some answers. I feel bad (crying). I suffered in silence during those times… (I...
    Emmanjoy Emmanjoy
    1 Response Apr 6
    TWO DECADES, TWO CONTINENTS (Part 40) I prepared for the settlement conference for more than 2 months. I watched Judge Judy every day. I studied the calm parties and the ones who...
    Emmanjoy Emmanjoy
    Apr 6
    TWO DECADES, TWO CONTINENTS (Part 33) They threatened to sue. I don’t like being threatened, especially in this case that what they’re all saying that I did were not true. I...
    Emmanjoy Emmanjoy
    1 Response Apr 6
    TWO DECADES, TWO CONTINENTS (Part 32) May 15 2015 I got a demand letter from their lawyer: My clients say that since February 2015, you have engaged in repeated and persistent...
    Emmanjoy Emmanjoy
    1 Response Apr 6
    TWO DECADES, TWO CONTINENTS (Part 30) I’ve always made it a habit now to check my junk email and my Other Inbox on FB just to see if there are other peeps from Evan’s side of...
    Emmanjoy Emmanjoy
    Apr 5
    TWO DECADES, TWO CONTINENTS (Part 29) April 19 2015 Just like my junk email folder, I didn’t know about the Other Inbox on FB. I chanced upon a story about it somewhere. When I...
    Emmanjoy Emmanjoy
    Apr 5
    TWO DECADES, TWO CONTINENTS (Part 28) A lot of Loren’s relatives feasted about the story. I didn’t know a lot of them do not like her. They said I was Loren’s karma waiting...
    Emmanjoy Emmanjoy
    1 Response Apr 5
    TWO DECADES, TWO CONTINENTS (Part 25) Feb 13 2015 1130 pm Mama Mary, please don’t let Valentine’s Day come. Please hide me from the rest of the world until it ends. Feb 14...
    Emmanjoy Emmanjoy
    Apr 4
    I wished I had more close friends. o_o Mm, more like... I wished I had close friends. *softly chuckling* (Because I don't have any at all)
    deleted deleted
    7 Responses Apr 4
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