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    I Have Had Alot...but This One Is Sobering...

    There was alot going on in the dream that I just woke from. Too much to really remember it all. However, I did get this much out of it.... In the dream, America was diving deep into a cold war with China. The American people became afraid of the government, because of the rules...
    Icansee Icansee
    18-21, M
    1 Response Feb 27, 2012

    I had a Dream that I was running away from a

    tornado, and it was chasing me. Like, literally chasing me. For some reason, no body else was around, and I have no clue where I was.
    HarryPotterFan0926 HarryPotterFan0926
    13-15, F
    1 Response Mar 19, 2016

    Some Kind Of Landlord

    I rarely remember dreams.... But I remembered this one... for a moment I felt like I was an owner/landlord of a tall old building in need of a lot of work, but still in decent shape...... I was walking through a large atrium possibly touring it. Although my dreams remembered...
    bobctor bobctor
    46-50, M
    1 Response Aug 19, 2013

    She/Them Torments Me.

     There have been two major love in my life, and I was unfortunately not able to go as far with them as I would have liked.  We drifted apart. They appeared again last night in my dreams, but as one person.  A hybrid.  And on top of that, she/they would not...
    DuosAnimus DuosAnimus
    Aug 22, 2009

    Its What I Am Feeling...

     I dreamed last night, that I was in boston again (i went to boston for a school trip years ago in real life.), at the train station/airport(non existent in real life) I was standing and there was a tall long fence in front of me.then on the other side was my friend, of...
    rainbowclouds rainbowclouds
    18-21, F
    1 Response Sep 15, 2009
    pardax pardax
    16-17, M
    Jan 18, 2016

    I Had A Strange Dream

    I had a dream where I was walking across what was probably a base of a mountain and after going up hi it went down and curved into a body of water and I saw that it was shallow and walked across it.  Somehow wound up in a field.  I heard something and hid amongst some boards...
    aquarius3 aquarius3
    Mar 15, 2012

    I dreamed I duck in my arms

    that was pecking or nuzzling its beak into my ribs. I took the duck to the side of my house and lied it down on the grass and then calmly twisted its head off. I then looked at the corpse of the duck in grief and disbelief. WHAT.
    deleted deleted
    Jan 15, 2016

    I started out with me walking into a church

    and the front of the building was a big glass dome. It was sunny outside and the top of the dome was shaded by large trees so the sunlight only shown through in beams throughout the room. Seated everywhere were people with black trash bags full of kittens and when I asked what...
    butterflibabe butterflibabe
    31-35, F
    May 31, 2014

    I can't explain this crazy brief dream it was

    like I was half sleep in the early morning. I was dreaming that I was held down by a man tightly in like a cuddling position, I couldn't move talk or anything. It was scary and a relief at the same time. It was not a attack or danger dream, it was a I guess a passion pleasure...
    CocoalatteSpice CocoalatteSpice
    36-40, F
    Jul 14, 2014

    3 Strange things after my father died

    I remember three strange things happening to me after my father died 17 years ago. And as a result, they have always stuck with me. The first was the night he actually died. He was in the hospital with cancer when the doctors came out and gave us our options. One was to perform...
    paclark paclark
    1 Response Apr 30, 2012

    Something Hit The Moon

    I dreamed an asteroid hit the Moon and the Moon hit the Earth and sent it spinning into space. Weird. I don't know where this one came from! The Earth was heating up, I could see the Sun and feel the heat, that's when I woke up in a pool of sweat...glad it was only a dream.
    Delphinia65 Delphinia65
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Feb 12, 2012

    Me In The Window

    I dream t that I was sitting on a bench looking at a real old huge house. I glanced up to a upstairs window and saw myself looking down at me for a brief second then my other self jerked back and the curtain closed . I ran into the house and up the stairs when I got to the top of...
    mainpayne mainpayne
    51-55, F
    1 Response Mar 26, 2012

    My Parish Priest Was Dead

    I did last night. It was a funeral for my parish priest. I went to the funeral, not because I hear he was dead, but because I just knew that it was happening.When I got there, people were saying how greasy and disturbing the corpse was, as if he had had a violent, but short...
    TheSquirrel TheSquirrel
    51-55, M
    1 Response Jul 6, 2013

    It was winter time at night.

    Mother nature was covered in snow. There was a parking lot in the middle of what looked like motel room/cabin nearby down at the base of a hill. The parking lot was covered in snow and the only light source was from the light posts in the parking lot. It was really cold. So i go...
    RichardHertz RichardHertz
    36-40, M
    Jan 12, 2016

    I had a dream that i was laying on a table in

    an operating room but i was also the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and nurse. I can see myself from every perspective but in different clothes. I dont recall the actual procedure because as soon as i put myself to sleep i was walking down a hallway which appeared to be a...
    RichardHertz RichardHertz
    36-40, M
    Jan 12, 2016

    A Strange Dream

    In a dream this morning I saw symbols and saw myself living as woman wanting to be male.
    aquarius3 aquarius3
    Nov 26, 2011

    Strange And Sad Creature: What Does It Mean?

      I wish I was an artist so I could draw one of the characters in my dream. So wierd. He had large ears down to his waist, and 25 - 30 ivory tusks coming out of each ear, only each tusk was broken off at the end. He had long blonde hair, big bulging white teeth that...
    StinkinThinkin StinkinThinkin
    36-40, M
    Dec 10, 2009

    I am at the ocean on a dark rainy night with

    just the light of the moon breaking through the clouds. I walk to the cliffs edge and see the waves crashing down against the huge rocks below. From there to see them recede and flow back into the sea. I feel a chillness hit my bones as I look out at the rocks once again and...
    deleted deleted
    Jan 12, 2016

    Just had a dream. I was in this African

    American lady's apartment - a heavier set lady - and I was just laying on the top bed of a bunk bed. For some reason, she knew my ex and I apparently gave her his number. She contacted him and whatnot. I forgot why. Anyways, out walks my ex from one of the rooms in her apartment...
    endlessl0ve endlessl0ve
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Jan 12, 2016

    The strangest dream I ever had was

    when I was in the hospital when my kidneys originally failed. at the same time I contracted MRSA, an took a 2 Week nap in the ICU. 2 dreams during that time still haunt me. and are too messed up for me to want to go into detail here.
    NvBikeBoy NvBikeBoy
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Jan 12, 2016

    I had a dream that I had died

    and my ghost and my best friend had to move my dead body from my room and bury it in the backyard. Turns out I died choking on Oreos. I haven't eaten Oreos since.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Feb 7, 2016

    This story is related with girl from this

    story: EP Link . So .. when I was in hospital because of depression, one night I had this strange dream. In my dream I was in my favourite coffee shop, and She was sitting opposed to me. We were holding hands and I asked her: "Do you know who is my sould mate?", and She said...
    StoryOfALonelyGuy StoryOfALonelyGuy
    22-25, M
    Nov 25, 2015

    the dream started frome a werd moment,

    Me and some more men was siting around a big mistic figur we said some mistical words, now I am a cristian belive in god, jeses and the holy spiret and listen to the rest of the dream. after some time we wear saing the words I understood that I am doing the wrong thing. the I...
    firerule firerule
    18-21, M
    Jan 12, 2016

    For years and years when I was younger (8-10yo)

    I had this same dream almost every night where it was night time and there were all these bunk beds in my lounge room and all my friends were over for a sleepover and we were getting into bed and then these 2 guys came in the house with baseball bats and all my friends didn't...
    ItzPuppeh ItzPuppeh
    13-15, M
    1 Response Jan 12, 2016

    I had a strange dream the other night,

    it's a little long to share the whole thing so I'll just tell you the jest of it. I was being haunted by a family of ghosts, a man, his wife and their daughter. They weren't torturing me or scaring me, just pestering me about doing something, but I can't remember what it was...
    OnlyLove1 OnlyLove1
    13-15, F
    Dec 31, 2015

    i dreamt my mother died.

    .... i was with my father and brother..... later that day i laughed really hard at a joke..... 2 days later i decided to tell my 2 best friends that my mom died....i was about to text them. ..but i woke up. ..
    deleted deleted
    Mar 10, 2016

    ugh that crazy annoying lady i see on the train

    from time to time appeared in my dreams. she was in my house being crazy of course. she was in my living room yelling at someone (as i have seen her do in real life) not sure if she was yelling at my mom. all i know is i wanted to drag her out my house by the hair but my dream...
    deleted deleted
    Feb 9, 2016

    Last night (being I'm still influenced by a

    recent change in friendship), I dreamt that I was talking with a woman that had a boyfriend, "Derek". I was flirting with her, sending her "kissy" texts, and all that. Very strange indeed... why Derek, why not Trevor?
    AlwaysPersevere71 AlwaysPersevere71
    41-45, M
    1 Response Jun 28, 2015

    And It Stuck With Me

    My grandpa has died 8 years ago, and in my dream he warned me about my company's share.
    LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
    36-40, F
    4 Responses Nov 23, 2009


    i had a dream struggling with a reddish brown fox, the animal kept on attacking over and over and i can see my me self bleeding, but at the end i was able to to get the fox on the neck and snap it with all my anguish.
    Butcho Butcho
    26-30, M
    1 Response Nov 17, 2012

    I'm No Sure How I Feel About It Yet.

    I went back to work last week and as a result have been sleepin more.Today was my day off so I stayed in bed til about 12pm and I haven'y done a whole lot today just chilled on the couch. I feel asleep on the couch at 4.30ish pm and just woke up a little while ago.I had a really...
    annabellef annabellef
    26-30, F
    1 Response Apr 29, 2009

    I "woke up" in the middle of the night,

    hearing my Mom, grandparents, aunts and uncles talking in the kitchen. I get out of bed, and go to the stairs that lead to the ground floor, and I float down them, my feet just above the stairs. When I reach the bottom, something else happens that I can never remember. This is a...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jan 12, 2016

    Reindeer Costumes?? Really?

    Okay first of all all of my dreams are vivid this one was just out of the ordinary as you will soon understand. I took some pretty strong cough medicine last night too in my defense!  First of all I was riding on a car not in the car and these two trains were headed straight...
    college101 college101
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jun 3, 2010

    So last night I had this dream,

    but I didn't realize it was a dream at the time. It was a Friday during school. The whole day went by normally, then I was invited to a close friend's house (which is not unusual for me). It gets late and we decide to go to town and chill with a few friends, but when we arrive...
    itsjustdillan itsjustdillan
    18-21, M
    Oct 18, 2015

    I Had a Strange 'baby' Dream

    so my bf are 'active', i have been pregnant before but lost it at about 3 months . an i really wanna baby. but last night had this dream that we had a baby girl an we were walking down the street from his dads. an everything was normal then their was hill...
    AlyssaRene AlyssaRene
    18-21, F
    Oct 1, 2009

    So, I was sitting on a chair in a room,

    and I had long brown hair as opposed to my short curly hair in real life. I could see myself as if I was another person but it was definitely me. There was an old man in cloak and he had something like an army knife but with a really long handle. He popped the blade up, walked...
    Madgiddypig Madgiddypig
    16-17, F
    1 Response Jun 11, 2015

    I had a dream where my family turned into plants

    and the plants were attacking me. I wonder if I'm not normal :D
    Ilostinlife Ilostinlife
    18-21, F
    Jan 19, 2016

    Horse Demons

    I've had a lot of strange dreams but the one I had last night had me and a friend running from a race of horse-headed demons that take people heads off and transform them into grotesque horse-monsters that have the ability to take people's heads off and transform them as well.
    Monstermaster13 Monstermaster13
    22-25, M
    Jul 1, 2013

    I Had A Strange Dream

    My strange dream there were clouds then gate doors and then I saw grids  and I saw myself floating  trying to find away out but couldn't  It seemed like it was going on forever and then I woke up
    aquarius3 aquarius3
    Apr 20, 2012
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