I Had A Vowel Movement

I don't care about starting my experiences with "I" anymore. :) 7 People

    Vanna, Can I Have A Vowel That Isn't Schitzoid?

    Consider the following lists of words: (11) Bait, Fate, Hey, Hay, Sleigh, Fillet, Eh, Cache, Brae, Yea, Crazy (7) Beet, Read, Crete, Brie, Me, Leigh, Key (10) Bite, By, High, Hi, Height, Tie, Rye, Buy, Eye, Why (9) Boat, Toe, So, Sew, Sow, Dough, Whoa, Beau, Code (13...
    Pelicorn Pelicorn
    41-45, M
    Dec 23, 2011
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