I Had An Embarrassing Encounter

Those akward moments when you want just crawl under a rock and die. 21 People

    Not so much an encounter

    but an embarrassing moment. We're at bingo and I thought that I'd gotten a bingo but I had thought he'd said a number when he didn't and my mum shouted out bingo. Everyone cheered and applauded and it was so embarrassing.
    ThatGirlAllAlone ThatGirlAllAlone
    18-21, F
    Jul 3, 2015

    By a party. My childhood friend showed up

    and just started talking to me. So akward that a good looking blond girl just showed up and talked to me. Even more akward cause the music was loud and we went outside. Even more akward I was infront of my girl friend. By the way it's a secret I'm dating her. She's shy
    YLIhououin YLIhououin
    22-25, M
    Aug 24, 2014
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