I Had An Emotionally and Physically Abusive Mother

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    My mom use to drugs and one time i was around 5

    and i remember and it made me have trust issues with everyone, she went crazy and chased me around the house yelling at me and said that she was going to kill me and when she got a hold of me she started beating me she and she started to stomp on my head and then my neck. Even...
    cerullivalleroy0358 cerullivalleroy0358
    18-21, F
    Mar 17, 2015

    I Pretended It Didn't Happen

    I made excuses for her, blamed myself for what happened. I buried those memories deep down and pretended they never happened. They have resurfaced and it hurts. I remember the bruises, the rug burns from trying to run away and being dragged back. The slaps across the face...
    Grunge213 Grunge213
    1 Response Mar 12, 2012

    The Results Of An Abusive Mother

    Its 1:30 in the morning and once again I cannot sleep. I haven't spoken to my mom in a year now (this happens often) and it is really starting to bother me. I think it is mostly out of guilt- we build this image of mother in our head and we are in pain when that bubble bursts. I...
    Tickingclocks Tickingclocks
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    6 Responses Jun 29, 2012


    My oldest memory is of my mother dropping me onto the floor and walking away as I cried and cried, the pain was immense; I was barley 3. Throughout my life my mother belittled me, accused me of being homosexual, beat me with kitchenware until the item broke or bent (she ended up...
    EndlessRecovery EndlessRecovery
    2 Responses Nov 24, 2013

    Physically And Verbally Abusive Mother

    Hi, I have been abused physically and verbally by my mother. I grew up in a culture that it's ok to hit a child as a form of discipline and I personally don't see any good in that. As a child my mother will hit me if I did something she thinks is wrong. I remember when I was a...
    confusedchild001 confusedchild001
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    2 Responses Aug 5, 2013

    My mother has always said mean

    and very rude things to me all my life. We have just never had a good relationship at all but; however the farther away I am from the better our relationship will be. We use to get into some pretty bad fights and I would tell her that I would call the child abuse center on her...
    wisdom26 wisdom26
    46-50, F
    Oct 18, 2014

    My Mommy Dearest Story

    One of my earliest memories involves my mom shoving a dirty sock into my brothers mouth. She wasn't always like that, but she had episodes. I would lay alone in my room pretending to sleep wishing she would just ignore me but it never helped. When it was my turn it was my turn...
    aderp aderp
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    3 Responses Nov 5, 2012

    I've Learned I Had To Let Go Of The Past.

    My mother  has a short fuse. As do I, which I hate. It only reminds me how much I'm like her. I'm what she always wanted to be, and I, still, at times, resent it.
    allyrs allyrs
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    4 Responses Mar 2, 2010

    Raised By Hate.

    She never shied away from letting me know I was an accident. That she hadn't wanted me. She had two sons and a two bedroom house with her husband, and that had been enough. Though I was only six, in my mother's mind I had painted her bureau with nail polish not because I knew no...
    afrissore afrissore
    1 Response Apr 20, 2013
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