I Had Another Premonition

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    Wierd Right

    mine r usally in my dreams but this one came out of nowhere there was going to be a shooting on post like the one on ft hood i had a daydream about which isnt common for me and i told my mom about it she laughed it off later that day i got picked up early from school she wanted...
    talaaries talaaries
    Aug 6, 2011

    Bad Premonition Involving The Nyc / Long Island Area

    I know this may sound totally wacky, but it's true. In 1997 I was desperate for work. So I was willing to travel all the way to the World Trade Center for a job (something like a 21/2 hr commute one way from my house at the time). I had worked in Manhattan for most of my career...
    LightHealing1000 LightHealing1000
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Sep 17, 2010

    This Premonition Is Bad

    The last time I had a dream/premonition it was a warning that something would happen to my youngest daughter if she went on a trip.  I called her and asked her if she'd planned on going somewhere and she told me there was something planned for the next month and I told her...
    Comprehensive2 Comprehensive2
    1 Response Aug 17, 2008

    Scarey Premonitions

    In a years time, I have had 3 very scarey premonitions come true.  The first one, I was laying in bed awake with my husband and I had sat straight up in bed and said "the dams going to break". I did not think this before I said it.   We live about a...
    cpttammy cpttammy
    36-40, F
    1 Response Oct 3, 2009

    Empathic Premonitions

    the first time I suspected I have some sort of empathy/premonition sense, it was before my grandmother (whom I was very, very close to) died, I had a strong feeling that I needed to go see her.  I had some sense that she needed help or something was wrong.  when I...
    31-35, M
    Jan 21, 2010

    Childhood Premonition

    When I was maybe about 12 years old I had a very strange dream, I lived in an appartment building on the 12th floor at the time.In my dream I was in my room and felt the need to walk out onto my balcony. When I looked over I seen my 6 year old sister hanging off the balcony and...
    Joasaur Joasaur
    May 7, 2012
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