I Had Cruel Babysitters

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    When I was younger, I had this baby sitter who had 3 other children. Oh how i hated her. Her sons were always trying to pretty much frame me. Breaking things, doing thigns and then blaming them on the innocent 6 year old. One time, one of her older boys had told their mom a lie...
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    I myself didn't have this problem personally, but when I told my mom what had happened, she instant pulled me out of the place. A boy kept saying he had to go pee, and the babysitter wouldn't let him go. She sat him on this leather bench thing, and he kept telling her he had to...
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    Alway's Hungry

    My sister and I were denied snacks by our babysitter. Snacks were given to other child in her care but not my sister and I. So strange why, why, why we were starving after school and we didn't have much money.
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    Must I Say....

    all i will say is that becasuse of *him*, i will never be the same...he ruined me and my life.
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    I had one in particular

    who was very bossy and she would get verbally abusive and humiliate me.She was on a total power trip. Just my luck this was my my mom's favorite sitter to use. When I complained about this sitter my mom would take her side and tell me to be better behaved around her.
    Cleancut Cleancut
    Sep 1, 2015

    Cruel and Unusual Punishment

    I had few babysitters that really should have never dealt with anyone else's kids whatsoever, let alone be paid for it. I remember going to a daycare where one time I was told I could do something by the owners daughter just to turn around to being drug off by the owner and put...
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    I had a very rude and lazy babysitter.

    .. And guess what else IT WAS MY OWN COUSIN Ok well she used to babysit us before and let us watch movies and eat snacks and stay up later. And then she got fired! So my mom needs a babysitter because our old one quit so we begged for let's call her Sara and the first day was...
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    Mar 5, 2014

    Diana : ( https://youtu.

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    Sep 5, 2015

    My Mother Was A Bad Babysitter

    I am an adult now but dealing with very bad memories of my own mother.....she treated me ok but would flip out on me at times innapropriately, and had a bad temper, controlling, etc.....but this is about how she treated other children. She decided to start providing day care so...
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    Cruel Babysitters

    I am 21 and female and had a cruel babysitter when i was growing up.my parents had a19 year old girl in our neighbor hood who baby sat me up untill i was 13.Iwas an only child and my parents went out alot on the weekends.Since i was a girl and my parents were strict and i wore a...
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    Cruelty Towards Young Children Is Abuse!

    When I was around 3 I went to a daycare run by a woman in my neighborhood along with my older brother and many other local kids, including my brother's best friend and our next door neighbor. We were all afraid of this woman, and I was deathly afraid to ask for the bathroom. And...
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