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I Had Sex Last Night

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    Backstory - I'm a nerd,

    and was a bit of a chubster in high school, so I didn't date. After I graduated, I stopped talking to everyone but my best friend from school, got hired by the USDA after a successful apprenticeship, and went to community college. I had a bit of a breakdown from lack of social...
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    Jan 31, 2014

    I'Ve Done It Over 150 Times But Last Night Was Best.

    I have had sex with my boyfriend air of times. Over 150 times. Last night was my all time favorite. I told him that I had a surprise for him last night but I didn't imagine that it would be that good. First we were asking each other sexual questions then I started running his...
    Fleo94 Fleo94
    22-25, F
    Sep 17, 2013

    Pot Watched And Frothed At The Handle

    Shhhhh.....My right hand doesn't know I'm cheating on it with my left.
    Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Sep 24, 2011

    Yes, I Had.

    It was awesome, and totally not planned. With someone I barely know. I didn't know he was attracted to me. i didn't know I was attracted to him. He was so sexy, I had to f*** him. We had sex for hours. The foreplay was long, he licked me, I sucked him. He has a huge ****. We...
    olive80 olive80
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Sep 7, 2013

    Wonderful..Breathe Taking.

    .Erotic Sex is What We Had. I could feel Everything . Oral Sex ****** was louder than ever.. Her juices ran all down me.. Still hasn't took control yet...
    mkenzi0924 mkenzi0924
    26-30, M
    1 Response Apr 5, 2014

    Wow it's been a while.

    . But some things are worth waiting for, right? Usually I don't have an issue getting laid but as of the new year I've been very *selective* as to whom I sleep with. (Last time was 5 weeks ago.. Ugh) Anyways, I've been sick the last few days and my good friend came over...
    IAmNotPeppercorn IAmNotPeppercorn
    26-30, F
    1 Response Mar 9, 2014

    Well 2 nights ago my bf surprised me calling me

    outside my door I let him in but he been avoiding seeing me cos I am on my reds so I thought company was all he wanted until I was on the phone that's when he cupped my chest and started sucking it I'm week when I have the tips sucked sends a shivers in between my legs tried to...
    TMI4real TMI4real
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Feb 28, 2014

    Last night my husband ordered my upstairs to

    show and shave me bald. And then told me that what I was to wear was under my pillow after i did what I was instructed to do I went and lift my pillow which under was my hot pink collar with chain, clamps and p&$$p clamp. And I was to wait in bed after I put everything on. So I...
    sexywhw sexywhw
    31-35, F
    9 Responses Mar 13, 2014

    I just had sex with my girlfriend of almost 1

    year (literally 3 days away) but it was kind of spur of the moment so I didn't use a glove...I'm so F*n nervous. If I get her pregnant I will be killed by her parents and my parents. We both come from pretty conservative homes where our siblings have made their share of mistakes...
    WhyDoesLifeSuck WhyDoesLifeSuck
    22-25, M
    1 Response Apr 17, 2014

    I can't *********. I had numerous sexual

    encounters and I have never been able to ********* with the aid of my partner. My girlfriend asked me if she was doing something wrong and I can't really say if it's her or me. I was also molested as a kid and my body tenses up during the act and I just don't know how to turn it...
    Guitartist Guitartist
    22-25, M
    3 Responses Mar 15, 2014

    I went to a bar last night just to have a few

    beers and clear my mind because I'm going through a lot emotions atm. There was a live band playing request from everyone in the bar. They started playing Crazy ***** by Buckcherry (which is one of my favorite songs) so I got up and danced to let loose. I was dancing sexy...
    campingonmars campingonmars
    26-30, F
    5 Responses Sep 23, 2014

    Sad -> <3 Fun Fun Fun

    so my bf came over last night we were fighting, and as we all know makeup sex is the best . t 1st i wasnt going to i was planning on making him wait but then we started kissing and touching i was able to turn him down a few times, but you all know im weak when it comes to being...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Nov 6, 2012

    What Am I Doing?

    Last night I had sex with my "ex". On Sunday I said we needed time apart. Yesterday I found myself really missing him and then, last night, we had sex for the first time. We had been taking it really slow and then he said he wasn't "sexually attracted" to me. Since I couldn't...
    Archer131 Archer131
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Aug 1, 2013

    A Dry Spell Comes To An End

    In our marriage, intimacy is very fleeting. One moment everything is good and a short while later  the stars must have become unaligned. The sexual chemistry is altered quickly and with little notice. Last week was one date night where something happened at the very last second...
    PC2629 PC2629
    56-60, M
    Apr 14, 2012

    I had sex last night,

    a good hard sex with a navy. He's sooo hot and i like everything hes doing.
    Kaaaaaaaamm Kaaaaaaaamm
    26-30, F
    7 Responses May 10, 2014

    IN A CAR!!! Okay so,

    there was this 17 year old girl that liked me a lot. I knew she did because she kinda screamed it at me. It was kinda cute, anyway... Yesterday we were hanging out and I knew she wanted to kiss me and I wanted to kiss her too (not the first time). So I leaned in and held her...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 12, 2014

    So last night was Thirsty Thursday

    for my neighbors. Its just a bunch of guy sitting around outside talking about God knows what. So last night I made cookies but I made waaaay to many. So I got the bright idea to give some to the men sitting outside. They all knew me cause I grew up with their kids so me...
    Honorthycurves Honorthycurves
    22-25, F
    May 2, 2014

    I had a major fight with my mum yesterday over

    the most stupid, pettiest thing on earth. I left the house and went to the lake to cool off as I didn’t have anywhere else to go, for some reason I don’t really have any friends. I got there at 2pm and just sat in my car, occasionally getting out and going for a walk. As...
    honeybeebee honeybeebee
    22-25, F
    10 Responses Sep 7, 2014

    not last night but today

    and i came inside of her without a condom llike twice .... yeah im freaking out and i hope nothing happens i mean im not ready to be a father yet
    Insomniac77 Insomniac77
    18-21, M
    1 Response Aug 19, 2014

    Unexpected But So Nice

    My wife has been on one of her 'I'm not interested" modes and we hadn't been together sexually until last night. She made the move and it wasn't an offer. it was a "Let's do this" thing.  I had nearly forgotten what it was like to be with her even though we sleep together nearly...
    PC2629 PC2629
    56-60, M
    Feb 18, 2012

    I Am Skeptical

    Last night was pretty much one of those nights that I will remember for a long time. One of those nights that I still cannot believe has happened. Just as I am content not having any kind of love interest in my life out pops one out of no where and not just anyone, someone who...
    CalypsoChisisi CalypsoChisisi
    18-21, F
    1 Response Nov 6, 2012

    There is sex... which

    when you are married (happily so) comes along every few days and you enjoy it and then you sleep. It comes quick and ends the same because you don't have time with life and work and the kid... but last night was one of those nights where we were MEANT to have sex. The planets...
    MariposaRoja1891 MariposaRoja1891
    31-35, F
    7 Responses Mar 11, 2014

    I wasn't suppose to have sex with him.

    I feel so foolish. I love him so badly. I just came to get the rest of my clothes from him. That was a failure. I came on to him. He resisted but, didn't fully push me away. I kissed his neck and then, his ears and lips slowly. He asked me "why, are you doing this"? I couldn't...
    ohwee12 ohwee12
    22-25, F
    7 Responses Nov 30, 2013

    The Coworker

    She's 21 and works down in accounts. Guess she's from Australia ..... some place out there ..... and she was a virgin then. Found out only after there was blood all over the photocopier she was bending on... Luckily the office was all empty by the time we was late...
    rohitmac rohitmac
    31-35, M
    Sep 7, 2013

    After not seeing my friend

    for 3 weeks we finally got together! I needed it so bad! Yes, I'm in a f'ed up situation but hey, we have great sex together so sometimes you just have to live life.
    Nellyd76 Nellyd76
    41-45, F
    3 Responses Apr 9, 2014

    Gave In Lol

    so i decided a month ago to stop having sex...just tired of fwb going knowwhere so i left to a different state where i knew noone for a month so of course ive been super horny , getting wet for no reason, so last night after a month of no sex i get back and ive been texting...
    deleted deleted
    7 Responses Aug 24, 2012

    It's Been So Great Lately

    I don't normally post about my sexual conquests, but it couldn't hurt to share my happiness in how great our sex life has been as of late. It was hard there for a while, trying to find time to be intimate together what with my job and freelance projects getting in the way, but my...
    LoveThyFate LoveThyFate
    22-25, F
    Mar 26, 2012

    It was great rolled on me

    and started doing me
    bendovergirl88 bendovergirl88
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Mar 16, 2014

    Okay so last night I went

    for a ride with this guy that I have been talking to for a few weeks now. He's always been really nice and everything. I didn't plan on it but one thing led to another and we had sex. After he dropped me off home, he txted me and said goodnight and that he thought I was cool...
    Ktompkins17 Ktompkins17
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Apr 6, 2014

    Last Night Fun

    my husband and me just had a baby. so last night was the first time we did it. last night he was in the shower and i snuck in while he was there. and it just happened i still have it ;)
    rose430 rose430
    22-25, F
    Oct 9, 2013

    Me and my boyfriend stayed at a hotel just to

    get a break. We were in bed, he started touching me, it felt good. I have had sex before. This time was magical. He took of my mini dress, my underwear and started licking. He dug and spited. Than he took out a condom. Yes I did allow him to do it, so its not raping. He put on...
    Mariana777 Mariana777
    22-25, F
    May 3, 2014

    Well it wasn't last night.

    It was this morning but it was still good. He came over and in my head I was gonna have sex with him. He didn't expect it. Soooo, we went to my room and I turn on Netflix and we were watching Bill Bur. I put my head in his lap and his hand on my breast and he started to play...
    Honorthycurves Honorthycurves
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jun 10, 2014
    bendoverman75 bendoverman75
    41-45, M
    Mar 30, 2014

    Literally. My husband will do it in his sleep

    and not remember the next day until I remind him. Which works great for me because I have a higher sex drive then him.
    thefeels21 thefeels21
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Aug 27, 2014
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