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    Today I'm sitting on my porch just taking the

    sun in. My son has some friends over. And I hear one say they are going to rochambeau to see who is the stronger man. Ok for those of you that do not know what rochambeau is... It is a nut kicking contest that boys apparently play. They take turns to see who can take the most...
    cmyk323 cmyk323
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    3 Responses Aug 8, 2015

    It Just Struck Me As Funny

    When a woman asks a guy to take off his clothes he knows it's probably for something like she's getting ready to do the laundry and wants his grubby clothes to wash even though he is hoping that it is for some sexual reason. But The Woman Who... lives upstairs asks me to disrobe...
    MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
    70+, M
    2 Responses Apr 16, 2011

    One day I sat down, with my two daughters,

    in a Golden Corral restaurant; they were about ages 4 and 8 at the time. I had my retired USMC hat on; a gentleman sat down across from us wearing a retired USAF hat. He was probably 25 years my senior. My oldest girl got excited and inquired, "Daddy is that a Marine hat?" I...
    Twidget0831 Twidget0831
    51-55, M
    Jul 1, 2014

    Did'nt See It Coming

     I'm of a mixed race. Native American, Black & Asian on  mothers side. Jewish & Black  father's side. One Sunday afternoon a family came through  with a beautiful little girl between age of 3 and 5 yrs.  When I noticed her dad stooping down as she whispered in his ear. He...
    katnaps katnaps
    51-55, F
    1 Response Sep 21, 2011

    My nephew, years ago,

    had come out to the farm to visit the rabbits. He watched them running around in their cage for a bit and then reached in and grabbed one. He flipped it upside down and in every direction. I said, "Ted! Be nice to that rabbit! Don't swing him around like that." He looked at me...
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    1 Response Jan 29, 2015

    Still chuckling after seeing this.

    ..had to post it.....
    expressomarkie expressomarkie
    Mar 21, 2015

    My boss brings his Large Chow Dog to work some

    days, on this particular day he's late so he leaves the leash on the dog letting in through the passenger door, naturally the dog greets him on the driver side in the process the leash gets wrapped around the E-brake in the center, So the boss is on the freeway 2 min later...
    deleted deleted
    Nov 9, 2014

    My Drivers

    Today we had our usual deliveries but we added a few new ones to the list. We had some brand new Tiberon's that we needed to get out but they were all manual transmission. I made sure that every driver offered one was asked that magic question "Can you drive stick?"...
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
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    3 Responses Aug 14, 2009

    After a long hard day at work,

    while on my way home I stopped at the post office and picked up my mail. After making it home, made myself a nice cold glass of peach tea pulled up a chair and began to read my mail. While downing the last of my drink and tossing the junk mail in the trash I went up stairs to...
    katnaps katnaps
    51-55, F
    Dec 14, 2014
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