I Hate Being Tired But Not Being Able To Sleep

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    im always late to bed

    but have to be up early.
    deleted deleted
    Nov 16, 2014

    I hate waking up 2/3 times during the night.

    . I am very sleepy now and i can't seem to fall asleep. When i finally do fall asleep, i can't stay sleep for long. Sucks even more because my boyfriend usually stays up all night and sleeps during the morning which makes me stay up even more. I hate sleeping alone, feel scared...
    EternityF EternityF
    26-30, F
    Jun 18, 2015
    dfries63 dfries63
    51-55, M
    May 1, 2015

    I'm exhausted, it's 3am.

    .... And I cannot, for the life of me, sleep.
    Willhaim Willhaim
    26-30, M
    1 Response Jun 18, 2015

    Well isn't it fun being tired

    but you can't fall asleep?
    insanecrazyweird insanecrazyweird
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Jul 30, 2015

    when you have insomnia,

    and other people are moody, etc and they blame it on being "tired", Really?? Tell me about it! So Am I, but I dont use it as excuse to be moody/bitchy, etc...
    EllenRB EllenRB
    51-55, F
    Jun 25, 2015

    tonight I'm gonna watch my one direction movie

    as I try to fall asleep. sighhhh
    CallmeHopelessNotRomantic CallmeHopelessNotRomantic
    36-40, F
    Jun 18, 2015

    My mind is still wide awake

    and my demons are crawling....nothing seems to put them at bay and I know that if I fall asleep now I will only wake up exhausted.....
    Melbel31 Melbel31
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jun 18, 2015

    Days come and go, nights decide to be long

    or short. My mind becomes a whirlwind of thoughts. I live in my head most of the time. At times yearning to make a few of my thoughts a reality Stuck like a hamster in a boxed cage, sometimes running but never going anywhere. Sometimes making the same mistakes repeatedly...
    diamondgirl07 diamondgirl07
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Aug 16, 2015
    dezi1124 dezi1124
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jun 23, 2015

    herheadhasnoroom herheadhasnoroom
    18-21, F
    Aug 20, 2015
    Vswagger Vswagger
    16-17, M
    Jun 18, 2015

    This is me tonight. I have

    so much on my mind.
    CallmeHopelessNotRomantic CallmeHopelessNotRomantic
    36-40, F
    Jun 18, 2015

    aaronthehuman aaronthehuman
    22-25, M
    Feb 6, 2014

    I hate it soo much!! sometimes the room is too

    light even though there's no light in it.. :(
    MrLazyCloud MrLazyCloud
    22-25, M
    1 Response Jun 18, 2015

    Its the same thing every night.

    .. I am tired I close my eyes and two minutes later they pop back open... Not sure why my mind gets so active at night... Maybe all the stress through the day... Sleeping pills don't even help anymore... For once it would be nice to close my eyes and get a good nights sleep...
    mysticheart mysticheart
    36-40, F
    Aug 6, 2015

    I mean I'll be in this site

    and I'll be barely able to keep my eyes open so I put my phone done and close my eyes then suddenly I'm wide awake.
    AmyPond11th AmyPond11th
    16-17, F
    Jul 30, 2015
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