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    Perfect Girl

    I want to share my story with a video I have made. It´s something I am sure a lot (most?) of the women all over this world can relate to. I am so upset about how the beauty ideals effects my daughter growing up and I have realized that I am a part of it too, by not being happy...
    piatjader piatjader
    Apr 24, 2013

    Annoying Thing On Tv

    Don't you just absolutely LOVE it when you are sitting there watching your favorite movie or show and they get to the good part and you start laughing or you are really getting into it; All of the sudden the stupid channel goes to COMMERCIALS! Is it just me or does anyone else...
    GuessWhoHatesFL GuessWhoHatesFL
    70+, M
    Dec 25, 2011

    Up until the last couple of days it's been a

    loooong time since I've watched commercial tv. And gee whiz, it sucks! It truly does. There is no point in watching a show when it is constantly interrupted by commercials. Ughhhhh. Bored and hungry!
    GypsyMiss GypsyMiss
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Apr 26, 2015

    I find myself buying DVDs

    and watching BBC channels just to avoid adverts.
    sroonaka616 sroonaka616
    Mar 4, 2015

    How many of u guys hate commercials

    because like when your favorite part or something is about to happen and then the commercials just come on??
    Cuteguy4000 Cuteguy4000
    16-17, M
    Jan 5, 2016

    I Can't Believe People Go to School For This!

    Commercials have gotten way out of hand!  They are so stupid and constantly in your face.  People actually pay money to these no creative people to make come up with these things! I will not buy something that I have seen a stupid commercial for any more.  I refuse...
    beaglewoman beaglewoman
    26-30, F
    Jun 23, 2008

    One of the reasons I do not watch television is

    because of commercials. Commercials are so stupid. I like some of the older commercials from before the 1990s, but commercials made today are unbearable. When I listen to the radio, I either turn down the volume or change the station when an advertising break begins. I have...
    s4019t s4019t
    31-35, M
    Sep 9, 2015


    ElizabethRivers33 ElizabethRivers33
    18-21, F
    Jul 24, 2014

    Screaming Infomercials And Jingles Are Not Relaxing

    The only time I ever watch tv is if there's some doc or movie I've been meaning to see. Sometimes I watch it I'm absolutely spent from staring at my notebook and I need to give my eyeballs a break from reading 8pt font. So I do it to relax. And I usually find the most low...
    deleted deleted
    Jan 22, 2012

    I'm Finding The Epilogue Of Programs Now Running After The Hour

    I sometimes catch something on TV now in the last few years. And waiting through some Documentaries, that I get on the History Channel. I sometimes get appalled, because I wonder if there is going be enough time for such a show to end with enough time by the Hour.  It's into the...
    ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
    56-60, M
    Feb 28, 2012

    11 Th Grade

    to of the girls in our group and bought motor scooters to ride around town, this was back when there were a lot more on the market the 2 girlsin out group had bought what were called raddits 250cc scooters and my wife wanted one of them to so she could ride with the sales place...
    rickibrat2 rickibrat2
    61-65, M
    Dec 19, 2011

    well i going to take tv service out i am

    so tired of the commercials that they play.. some seem they play over and over and over again.
    eyeamalive eyeamalive
    51-55, F
    1 Response Oct 26, 2015

    Commies And Grafitti: Who Needs 'em?

    I basically gave up station after station, and the grafitti scourge spread across the TV channels.  In nineteen ninety-eight, I quit watching kid shows---the last holdout---when the grafitti got to them, too.  The worst, was finding Nova, Annenberg/CPB, Frontline, and other...
    MasterDavidGoodmen MasterDavidGoodmen
    56-60, M
    Mar 2, 2011

    But why do they exist tho?

    I still won't buy your dumb stuff so...
    carlo0907 carlo0907
    16-17, M
    Feb 6, 2015

    I can not take the amount of tv

    and radio commercials anymore. It is destroying us all. How moronic, idiotic and thumbed down can you get ? We are reaching the point of no return. The drones have been created and they are multiplying like mosquitos. It really is getting hopeless now.
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Jan 6, 2015

    The Hypocrisy Of Redundancy

    I hear that a lot of people Hate Redundancy.Yet, for me when it is important stuff, I need Redundancy, but find that I run into grumpy people about trying to make sure of things and wanting confirmations about something. Or that I am suppose to some how have ESP and or have a...
    ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
    56-60, M
    Mar 30, 2013


     I used to hate them because they took too long and I really just wanted to watch my show.Now I hate them because when they come on, my kids start telling me I have to buy That toy or cd or food..... I have come to really dislike commercials the same way I dislike the shelf...
    blackcat blackcat
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 5, 2008

    I Hate Commercials

    I don't not find commercials to be funny or witty or interesting, all commercials are annoying. I go as far as not support companies that I see commercials for. I wish commercials were banned and the people who make em to be destroyed
    Shrimpdick Shrimpdick
    26-30, M
    Nov 2, 2012

    I think commercials are the worst thing to

    happen to tv, I can't even enjoy it anymore
    deleted deleted
    Sep 12, 2015

    Mass Manipulation

    I hate commercials. They are toxic and manipulative. There is one I have been seeing lately about Obamacare that really ****** me off. It's my job to council individuals regarding federal insurance and benefits, an so I have come to know many of the positives and negatives of...
    attheendofit attheendofit
    Nov 23, 2013


    I can't stand them. Not only has it drastically reduced the length of movies and tv shows, they treat us like we are so stupid. I know I bug people that watch tv with me. I surf channels, just to get away from the commercials. With all that being said, there is one time that I do...
    Percheron Percheron
    41-45, M
    1 Response May 22, 2008
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