I Hate Dreaming

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    Because Dreams Never Come True

    I hate hoping and dreaming for things that I truly desire, I have given up in dreams in happiness and it's sad, am done. Dreams for me are like nightmares unreachable, unattainable, impossible, So I say bring out the nightmares, those do come true, too bad I haven't had any good...
    LisetteBrown LisetteBrown
    36-40, F
    1 Response Nov 12, 2013

    David, It's been a long time

    since I dreamed about you, I don't know why I just had a dream with you in it. It was weird, and I remember every part of it. It was terrifying. I don't remember how it started, because no one ever can, right? The first thing I remember is walking down a hallway that was...
    DancingWithFire DancingWithFire
    18-21, F
    Apr 9, 2014

    Evil Darkness

    everytime i close my eyes i see bad things. dieing, killing, raping, stealing and it all seems to happen to me. when i have dream i was i were dead so that all of these thoughts would be removed from my head. every night i stay awake untils its impossible to keep my eyes open...
    LillyOTV LillyOTV
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jun 11, 2010

    I was walking down a canopy road.

    All lined down the road and all in the trees were owls... tons of them. And every owl i walked past would just stare at me. Their eyes would never leave me. There heads would move along with me as I walked. For some reason, this is one of the most terrifying dreams I have had...
    blahblahblahhhhhhhhhh blahblahblahhhhhhhhhh
    Mar 10, 2014

    I have always hated dreaming,

    always. My dreams have always been so realistic and sometimes I do not remember what is real and what is not. Don't get me wrong some dreams are lovely but I rather not have them. Recently, I mean 10 minutes ago I started dreaming that I was in my living room with my mom and we...
    Simplyme98 Simplyme98
    18-21, F
    1 Response Aug 17, 2014

    Dreaming are supposed to be our escape from

    reality. But what are you supposed to dream about when your mind is more hellish than the real world? My dreams hardly ever make sense and when they do, they're nightmares that make me afraid to sleep the next night. I don't even dream about myself! It's always someone else...
    BlurredBeyondTheStarsx BlurredBeyondTheStarsx
    1 Response Dec 19, 2013

    I love dreaming but the past month.

    I been dreaming about this guy that I would never be with in a million years (hahaha watch when it happens.) I keep dreaming about sexual things about him(yuck and ew)kissing him and having kids with him. I want to stop maybe I'm thinking about him too much.
    manotham manotham
    18-21, F
    Jan 20, 2015
    dyingwish dyingwish
    22-25, M
    Aug 7, 2015
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