I Hate Fat Discrimination

Stop injustification over appreance and body image! 540 People

    I agree! i mean im not he skinniest girl in the

    world trust me im not but i still like how i look! i may be on the larger side but that doesnt mean im ugly and have no self control. I am smart, pretty, and i believe it is unfair that people never see me as worthy of a second glance or a second thought just because im bigger...
    iloveyou2014 iloveyou2014
    22-25, F
    Nov 7, 2014

    Most important thought first: A fat person has

    heard enough of those things in their life. Rude comments, people making stupid sounds, weight loss advice they didn't ask for and so on. SO PLEASE.....Every fat person knows about possible health issues.You don't need to remind them. Many people feel miserable because society...
    Squirrel03 Squirrel03
    1 Response May 13, 2015

    Hello Everyone

    I host a show called People Ending Discrimination on Looks on http://freedomzerradio.com. It airs live each Sunday from 3-4:30 pm EST. We are always looking for people to discuss their experiences as we share our experience, strength, and hope. Please check out the show or call...
    MichelleAndresen MichelleAndresen
    41-45, F
    Sep 7, 2013

    Want Bigger But Not Sure

    Hi. I am a 21y guy. I have been shifting between getting fat and getting thin many times during my life, once I get few pounds my mom used to punish me by preventing me of eating and force me to exercise. My best weight was 85kg when I was 182cm it was a great period of my life...
    bohatlan bohatlan
    22-25, M
    Nov 29, 2013

    I've always hated my body.

    I have shoulders about an inch wider than my hips on both side (2 inches wider). I'm curvy but my hips are narrow. My legs are skinny little chicken legs. I also have a large chest. It's the ideal inverted-triangle. Guys never fin me attractive because I have man shoulders. Also...
    5miling 5miling
    18-21, F
    Dec 16, 2013

    **** that !i maybe fat

    but not ugly as your attitude *****
    KrissiaGeramie KrissiaGeramie
    18-21, F
    Sep 8, 2015

    Too Fat For Idol

    It's stuff like this that just ****** me off! http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2011/04/exclusive-too-fat-idol-audience-member-banished-back-seat-being-too-heavy
    Notfatenough Notfatenough
    36-40, M
    3 Responses Aug 19, 2012

    Can Fat Teens Hunt There is (or was,

    idk) a serious on British TV called "Can fat teens hunt". The title alone makes me freak out. How is it even legal to discriminate and expose people like that ? Not enough, the kids have to live in the jungle with an indigenous tribe to show them how to "live properly". I mean...
    Squirrel03 Squirrel03
    May 14, 2015

    Being Fat In College Is A Battle: This Is The Truth.

    I've been fat all my life. Ive tried losing weight, but it doesnt really work for me. Ive developed eating disorders and everything. I am trying to lose weight for my health and other reasons. This is my experience with being fat in college. Here is a list of things that I have...
    sevenfold sevenfold
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    4 Responses Jul 9, 2011

    My brother is fit he exercises almost 24/7

    and he's had a heart attack he eats nutrious bars and powders, I don't exercise and never had a heart attack and am healthy as my blood tests say so
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    1 Response Feb 10, 2015

    Love Don't Hate

    We all have feelings. Obesity isn't always something people can control. Love people for who they are and not how they look. love one another, beth
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    1 Response Aug 25, 2012

    i never used to care about being a little chubby

    but then everyone started comenting on my weight telling me i couldnt eat sertant things cause im "too fat" its constant and now im depressed and starving
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    1 Response Jul 2, 2015

    My Mother

    My mother has a severe form of late-onset Crohn's Disease. This has caused her to become morbidly obese and diabetic, because of the Prednisone she took long term along with all of the other medications she takes as of now, which are too many to count. Her Crohn's as of now is...
    ZwinkyLover ZwinkyLover
    26-30, F
    Aug 12, 2010

    http://youtu.be/Xnl9Es5bnCs Preach Trisha!

    I get that a lot! Mya ur pretty, for a fat girl. Mya u got nice legs, for a fat girl. OMG why can't I beautiful and a bit chubby. Well I'm ok with me.
    MyaA13 MyaA13
    16-17, F
    1 Response Oct 21, 2014

    living in Miami right by the beach I was always

    pressured to b thin. becoz i spend a lot a time out on the water. i was also a ballerina. i became so afraid an obsessed with gaining weight, it was all ppl focused on. i wish there wasnt so much emphasis on fat or weight : (
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    1 Response Sep 8, 2015

    Stop The Hate

    It sickens me to see people ruthlessly attack those who are overweight. especially on a site such as this where people come looking for acceptance and solace. It's just ridiculous how much hatred is spewed toward a person just because their body may be seen as less than perfect...
    FormedFromClay FormedFromClay
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Oct 21, 2013

    Being Curvy At College

    I hate talking in front of people, most days i dont want to get out of bed, because i think that everyone is pointing at the fat girl. I have come to realize this is my life and they can all stick it and that helps me get up everyday. My friends talk about boyfriends and going to...
    freckles11 freckles11
    4 Responses May 6, 2009

    Weight discrimination is probably the one thing

    in this world that can still make me angry. I like fat women, there, I said it. I'm sorry in advance for being blunt, but you're not curvy, you're not chubby, you're fat, BUT, you're still beautiful to me, and I won't let anyone talk you down because of your weight. I want to...
    TheAmazingBob TheAmazingBob
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Jan 14, 2015

    Alcoholic: I've recognised

    that my drinking is having a destructive effect on my body, and I really want to quit, but I'm going to need moral support and guidance to do so. Society: Oh, it's wonderful to see someone take control of their life like that! Let us direct you to Alcoholics Anonymous and wish...
    Boogablue Boogablue
    22-25, M
    1 Response Mar 22, 2016

    I'm a Proud Naafa Supporter!~ Read At You Own Risk!~

    NAAFA or may be known as national association to advance fat acceptance, is one community that help all size discimination whether in jobs or education world, for both childrens and adults. This place help people that have been disciminate on using the power of law against...
    LisaWiserLiser LisaWiserLiser
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 15, 2009

    I Don't Deserve This.

    I have always been very fat since I was a kid. Even my mom said I was never small. Well it totally make sense coz my dad and his family are pretty big too. I became too fat after I got cheated and started to eat my heart out. I am okay with myself but some family and friends are...
    LynnAuditore LynnAuditore
    22-25, F
    1 Response Oct 9, 2012


    Sadly I believe everyone who is fat has been discriminated against at some point.  I know I have!  I'm very obese and deal with it on almost a daily basis.  I don't have much of an image issue...I like myself.  I wish potential employers would see past...
    LaughingSun LaughingSun
    36-40, F
    1 Response May 5, 2009

    My Mom Bullies Me Because Of My Size

    I have always been a plus sized gal, size 18 for as long as I can remember. I have gotten comfortable with that and often see myself as sexy. But then there's my mother.... since she's been on this ridiculous health kick, every time she sees me, she tells me that I'm fat and...
    AlbinoLapineRedQueen AlbinoLapineRedQueen
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Nov 25, 2012


    This is the one area that it is perfectly still acceptable to discriminate against a group of people. It absolutely disgusts me. With the statistical numbers showing that half of most country are, or are headed in obesity ranges, you would think that the discrimination would...
    MissBehaviour MissBehaviour
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Feb 24, 2012

    FAF = Fatists Are Filth

    Bullies like fatists are so potty-mouthed it must be dangerous to their health, like bad sanitary always is.
    PlusSizeAngel PlusSizeAngel
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Aug 4, 2009

    My friends mom is always telling people "dam

    she's fat it's not even cute fat is not cute" but those women she's talking about is the same size as me
    silverxrose silverxrose
    22-25, F
    May 7, 2015
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