I Hate Jealousy

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    Let me start off by saying I do not take

    anything too personal or serious. However, I realized that after several years of friendship with someone who I considered family, turned out to be something very crazy. So this "friend" of mine did not want to see me happy, positive, successful etc. I know from life experiences...
    CarmenSandiegosTrenchCoat CarmenSandiegosTrenchCoat
    22-25, F
    Jan 5, 2015


    This is the one feeling i have been having recently ... over and over again because of a girl i love and how her and my other best friend are so close and in love..i love her so it makes me jealous when i know they are together.....the thing is i realised that i was bi because of...
    lifenotknife lifenotknife
    26-30, F
    1 Response Aug 15, 2007

    My Boyfriend Can Sometimes Be Very Jealous

    So my cousin that last year some things happened with (see my other stories) is coming for a visit and since last year we did kiss and i did very much like him my boyfriend is not very happy he will be staying in my house for 2 weeks. He says "oh yea i trust you i just don't...
    southernlove96 southernlove96
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jul 4, 2012

    My Bad Side

    (Don't ask, lol, sorry, this random picture just makes me chuckle. Doesn't jealousy suck?!) :PI have always been a very jealous person. With almost everyone. I could think of at least 20 different girls, (especially in my school) no joke, that I would die to be. All there perfect...
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    Apr 20, 2011

    I just can't handle jealousy.

    Jealousy has torn apart my friendships, my life, even my family at one point. I can always tell when someone is jealous. That look that they give me, the burning in their eyes. I play it off, but I feel myself crumble a little bit inside. And then when I get jealous I just...
    ToBeAnOtaku101 ToBeAnOtaku101
    18-21, F
    1 Response Aug 10, 2014

    I hate it when people I've dated past tense got

    jealous for no reason that's y my friend I'm alone and happy oh yeaaaa living it up baby !!!!!
    deleted deleted
    Nov 22, 2015

    How Defensive People Get When They Justify Ripping Others Apart...

    I'm sure many people have heard this latest say "me, jealous of you? oh honey...bless your heart.." Or something like that. Well then WHY behave the way they do over someone who has done NOTHING to them... EVER!? And they try desperately to search for reasons. Some use the excuse...
    BubblePopper BubblePopper
    31-35, F
    Apr 29, 2013
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Apr 20, 2015

    A co- worker of mine is jealous

    because he thinks I like another co-worker(which I don't) and constantly tries to embarrass me in from of anyone he can find, he's just mad because I don't go around huggin him and throw fits when he doesn't say hi to me like the rest of these so called "women" do. I didn't know...
    Janasai Janasai
    22-25, F
    1 Response Sep 22, 2014

    In life, you will realize there is a role

    for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. Not the whiners who claim you're never there for them. Or the ones who attempt to...
    deleted deleted
    Aug 31, 2015

    my sister is the worst her jealousy of me got

    to the point that she tried to stab me but my parents never did anything !! not even a comment !
    Amacey Amacey
    18-21, F
    Jun 11, 2015

    Jealousy Is Such A Waisted Emotion....

    I can't say i have never ever felt jealous, because i have in the past, a little envious maybe, but when you look at it more clearly..............It's such a wasted emotion ! Tonight i have been accused by the Narcissistic ***** that i currently share our marital home with, of...
    wishwing wishwing
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Apr 17, 2010

    It Ruins So Much

    jealousy ruins so much, friendships is a main one for me, as it has ruined a few of my friendships, cos there are have been new people and the jealousy has been over who the best friend is and who is the better one. its just so annoying and as i said, ruins so much.
    sezy sezy
    18-21, F
    1 Response Aug 20, 2007

    I hate feeling jealous.

    .. It's a soul rotting feeling... It's eating me up inside and filling me with despair. I just want to go away and hide. I think I'll never find someone new... Someone I'll have a connection with and have amazing sex with.... I guess none of it matters. Life just sucks right now...
    Orangerocket Orangerocket
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Nov 6, 2015

    I need help really don't know what to do!

    My boyfriend and I have had big argument all because one of my friends friend who is a guy likes me and as sent me just funny videos on Facebook so I commented back and I've only met him few times and just took a pic with him as friendly banter. I would never cheat on him he is...
    Emmy18 Emmy18
    22-25, F
    Feb 2, 2014

    I Am The Victim Of Jealousy

    The first thing people notice about me is that I appear like a very nice person and really smart. However, I have been the victim of jealousy so often I feel crippled from it. I have been ousted by the alpha girl in social situations or by an ambitions manager in a company. I've...
    BlueFairy00 BlueFairy00
    1 Response May 14, 2012

    So Much..........

    Jealous people omg they are just such saps, such bitter soul sucking, energy draining, pitiful individuals. You can almost see the green hue radiating from them as they go about their day, trying to make you feel inadequate - when they are the ones who have much measuring up to...
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    2 Responses Nov 15, 2011
    SingItForTheKids SingItForTheKids
    18-21, F
    Aug 14, 2014

    Father And Son

    I strongly believe my husband is jealous of my son. He is jealous of our relationship and the things I do for my son. I tell him you are not my child you are my husband, you have already been raised. Is this common?
    WPeace WPeace
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Dec 19, 2012


    I hate jealousy especially when it is directed toward me. I really experienced this over the past two days and I must say that a jealous man is a HUGE turn off to me.  So control your jealous and don't control me and you may have a chance with me.      
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
    46-50, F
    2 Responses May 13, 2008

    People who are jealous will always try to put

    you down. Little do they know that they are already below you.
    deleted deleted
    6 Responses Aug 26, 2014

    I seriously can not stand jealousy,

    especially when someone is jealous over another's success. As of right now I'm valedictorian & the other competitive people ranked beneath me are super jealous. I've constantly heard of them talking **** about me & plotting ways to "take me down" (lol). I work extremely hard & I...
    saraah07 saraah07
    18-21, F
    1 Response Nov 29, 2013

    My Husband Gets Jealous

    My husband gets jealous if I even mention another man's name. I know there's some history there for some things I did before we were married... but I still hate the jealousy. Now, when he gets jealous, I just explode. I hate it. It feels like he is accusing...
    spankipie spankipie
    31-35, F
    Jan 29, 2009
    Zozolove Zozolove
    22-25, F
    Feb 19, 2014

    Just find it makes people really unbearable.

    It shows distrust I believe, more than anything. And it shows a little lack of confidence..? Idk, but I just don't like it. Can turn people nasty.
    CutiePie199 CutiePie199
    22-25, F
    May 31, 2014

    Jealousy Is Stupid!

    I hate jealousy. Now don't get me wrong.  I have my moments too.  Especially since I've been diagnosed with cancer. I've had the odd occasions where I've been jealous of people for just their apparent health but for the most part I try to control it.  Why?  Well because...
    lagatta lagatta
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Mar 26, 2013


    Such an ugly characteristic trait Some of Taylor Swift's fans accuse people who dislike her of jealousy. The very accused have gone on to explain their dislike is because of Taylor getting her songwriting material from dating guys, not life or growing up or friends or anything...
    blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
    36-40, F
    Nov 24, 2013

    I've been with my boyfriend over a year

    and a half now. We are very close & we do love each other. The only problem is my jealousy.. I get jealous very easy & i really don't mean to or want to. He is very good to talk to people whereas I am a little bit more shy. He would talk to girls easily as well, and I know he...
    doubleC123 doubleC123
    18-21, F
    Jul 16, 2014

    I've felt jealousy over someone

    who wasn't even mine. For about 2 years I've liked him. His intelligence, clarity, humor, and responsibility were reflected through his amber ivy green eyes. I found how smart he was as something beautiful because it was, very much so. When I first heard about him dating...
    VeraRose VeraRose
    16-17, F
    Aug 4, 2014

    The1960texan The1960texan
    51-55, M
    1 Response Oct 7, 2014

    My boyfriend is jealous of me talking to guys,

    especially guys with whom I have had history. I don't get it. He talks to women and even an ex or two and I don't get bent out of shape.
    Doomflower Doomflower
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Feb 28, 2016

    My boyfriend who is 6'3

    and he loves my petite 4'9 size. I get lots of hate by tall women. The other night my man and I, was out and, some very tall lady lashed out at me, "How can a tint puny woman get a tall man. I can't even get a tall man and he looks better with ME!" My boyfriend and I told her...
    freespirited1991 freespirited1991
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Jan 14, 2016

    I Hate Jealousy

    I had met this woman years ago as my friend stayed down stairs and she used to join our company. This woman is older and has always liked to play agony aunt. My friend died and ever since her neighbour has always wanted to keep in touch with me. She is nice, but lately she has...
    Feb 7, 2013

    Big Effin Sigh

    I am not kidding, it's a deal breaker with women and I. If we cannot have complete trust there is nothing. I am a man of my word, I honor and cherish my word as golden, I expect to be recognized for it until such a time that someone has proof to believe otherwise. Same with...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Mar 7, 2011

    My friend told me she was jealous of me,

    and to be honest I wasn't surprised. Every time I tried to talk to her about anything good that was happening in my life - a boy who I had a crush on liked me back, I was going to Key West for spring break, I finally got my learner's permit - she would roll her eyes and say...
    Jules255 Jules255
    22-25, F
    Aug 13, 2014

    When I was in my early teens I used to be full

    of jealousy and envy. At some point in high school I decided to rid myself of those traits so I started to compliment people instead of just envying them at heart. Surprisingly, those negative feelings started to fade away because the happiness and gratitude in people's eyes...
    deleted deleted
    Apr 27, 2015

    Jealous Husband

    My husband is a jealous guy. Yesterday we went to a wedding and I was dancing, just dancing like normal, and I wasn't dancing more than 10 minutes before he was pulling me off the dance floor, and told me I looked like a c*ck tease, and that I was asking for men to look at me. I...
    poppyjoy poppyjoy
    22-25, F
    1 Response May 18, 2013


    can't stand it, don't need it, don't want it.
    blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
    36-40, F
    1 Response Jan 27, 2013

    Ugh... You know when you get really jealous of

    someone you get that weird feeling in your chest an you just want to scream and punch the person responsible in the face but you cant then you start to get yourself REALLY wound up and pissed off then you start thinking really stupid things and making rash decisions... Might be...
    SingItForTheKids SingItForTheKids
    18-21, F
    Jul 21, 2014

    People who are jealous clearly need to grow the

    **** up and need to stop acting the age of 5, some people need to get a grip of themselves.
    lucymichellexo lucymichellexo
    16-17, F
    Feb 21, 2015
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