I Hate My Little Brother

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    I Hate That Little Brat So Freaking Much!!!!!

    emmasears10 emmasears10
    26-30, F
    Aug 14, 2013

    I Hate My Little Brother

    My family is not allowed to swear but my brother does and even if ALL my sisters gang up on him to tell what he does and so on my parents would be all like oh its okay he's just a kid. FGS he is sooo spoilt. He got a tab he was nine. Now he's ten and he is hogging the computer 24...
    mumuneeMoon mumuneeMoon
    26-30, F
    1 Response Nov 24, 2013

    I Hate My Little Brother Sooo Much Its Unreal !!!

    I really hate him with a passion he's so spoilt and his voice is the most annoyinist voice ive ever heard.I'm 20 years old now and he's 7 years old.When i was little living with my mam n dad, me and my elder brother didnt get much we asked for and got regular beatings off our...
    haylzs1990 haylzs1990
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Feb 5, 2011

    Little 13 Yrs Old Brother

    i come home from school at 2:30 everyday have to clean after the dog have to wash the dishes clean the counters the fridge sweep the floor then mop it and do the laundery .my brother comes home late because he hangs out with his friends and when he comes home he grabs the dog and...
    mea061998 mea061998
    18-21, F
    1 Response May 8, 2013

    I Hope It's Just A Phase

    My little brother is such an ungrateful little swine. I will protect his privacy by using a fake name. Lets say his name is,.....Caligula (yes there is a reason behind that). So I am an older sister by five and a half years, and when I was little, if I talked to my parents the...
    junholaday junholaday
    13-15, F
    8 Responses Sep 27, 2012

    my brother is realy annoying he's 3 years

    younger than me and that gives the little spoiled brat a huge advantidge with my parents and then when i hurt him by accident i get punished if he hurts me on purpuse nothings happens to him they only tell him not to do it ever again he bosses every one in the house around and...
    18-21, M
    Dec 18, 2013

    My brother takes spoiled brat to a whole new

    level. He literally has gotten everything to anything he's wanted from since before he could form a sentence. He's turning 13 years old, and he can't sleep in his own bed, he prefers to sleep in my parent's room, but of course he only does that when dad's not around because he's...
    tailambert tailambert
    18-21, F
    Apr 7, 2014

    Wish He Wasn't Born

    I hate my stupid little brother! and he's only FOUR! He completely reminds me of my dad, whom I hate. My brother calls my mom names, bosses her around, and hits her! What does she do? NOTHING...You might think it's because he's a little kid, BUT NO. When I was four, I called her...
    crackerfooh crackerfooh
    3 Responses Jun 5, 2010

    He's 12 and he acts like he's the boss of us,

    last night at the mall we were shopping for fruits he yelled at me and humiliated me in front of everybody and I told my parents they didn't care,he made a social group with our family members and called it kiss my feet! He beats me when am sleeping I just hate him so much he's...
    collegegirl20 collegegirl20
    22-25, F
    Aug 1, 2015

    I Hate My Lil Bro!!!!!!

    SERIOUSLY, he is soooooooo annoying! I hare him! If he was never alive, it would be MUCH MORE better without him, for everyone! 1. He is putrid/nasty/disgusting! He pees in the bed, so I have to wash the sheets! 2. He is woo mean to me! He's a tattle-teller! 3. Disgusting! He...
    leeleemmmy leeleemmmy
    3 Responses Nov 8, 2012

    I Hate My Little Brother

    I hate my little brother he is such a B I T C H He annoys me and it's all my parents fault they give him everything he want he's spoiled worthless brat he's 6 he always bothers me when there's guest over he act like he's so tuff and he punches me so I just push him and he tells...
    everydaymexican everydaymexican
    18-21, M
    Nov 9, 2013

    I Need Help With My Brother

    Hi I’m 13 and a girl and I have a little brother who is 8 and gets everything from my parents, everyone thinks that he is cute and all, he is cute but he gets all the good attention, I get attention but its only if I have bad grades or if I do things like: need help with my...
    sunshinecrazy8888 sunshinecrazy8888
    13-15, F
    4 Responses Jul 29, 2012

    I've Never Loved My Little Brother Like I Should

    He is three years younger than me. I had rejected him since before he was even born, and my mom said that I never accepted the fact that I was having a younger brother (True, I was only three at the time.) As I grew up all he seemed to want to do is annoy me, and I know he looks...
    wanderlustinghaylie wanderlustinghaylie
    16-17, F
    Nov 11, 2013

    I Don't Hate Him But He's A Brat

    My little brother is 10 and he is a BRAT. I don't really hate him... he's really not MEAN, he's just a brat. Its my parents fault though, they let him have whatever he wants. He's so cute and stuff, I agree but at least punish him when he needs it. He gets away with way too much...
    ItsGabiSweetheart ItsGabiSweetheart
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jun 25, 2012

    I hate my little brother.

    I am the oldest child out of 3 and my little brother who is the middle child drives me insane. He is 12 years old, constantly backtalks, has no respect for me whatsoever, and is an underachieving moron who can't even tie his shoelaces or pronounce words right. My parents spoil...
    JRichards1996 JRichards1996
    18-21, M
    1 Response May 15, 2015

    How To Get My Little Brother To Behave?

    My brother is fourteen years old and the very definition of a spoiled brat, he never washes his dishes and leaves whatever he doesn't eat where he chooses, he never showers, brushes his teeth (he is going to need gum surgery) or does his homework (right now he is failing 8th...
    1 Response Jan 13, 2013

    People say that deep down you love him.

    People say you don't mean it. I assiduously wish that were my case. I don't want to hate him, but how could I not when even he once tried to poison me? He made me water and put detergent in it… My dad always says look after your siblings, to love them - to always forgive them...
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Aug 6, 2014

    I Hate Him

    My brother is a pain in the ***, he will punch me and then when I kick his *** he will go run off and cry and tell our parents, funking little ***** brat. I want to kick him in the balls
    Coolboy151617 Coolboy151617
    13-15, M
    2 Responses Jun 24, 2011

    My Family Issues

    That boy , I can't even call him that word "Brother", is getting on my nerves . I'll call him that boy. He is like 12 years old and he is already watching **** . He doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut , so he ends up yelling sex words all over the house , letting my three...
    Mehgurl Mehgurl
    2 Responses Mar 5, 2013

    Hate Him

    okay... so the guilt's been eating me up ever since..... i have done a lot of stuff i am not proud of. I hate him so damn much... ever since the day he was born, my life's been miserable. My parents like him better. It's always him. He always gets what he wants. He'll just have...
    YheBlackSheep YheBlackSheep
    3 Responses Aug 11, 2012

    I Got Raped And Pregnant At The Age Of 12

    when i was 12 years old i got raped by my old boyfriend. when i told my mum about it she called me a **** and thrown me out of the house. i live with my auntie now until i'm 18. now i'm 15 and my little boy is called Tommy. he is 2 years old. i love him. sometimes i'm even glad...
    mayaswift mayaswift
    6 Responses Jun 27, 2011

    I live at home with my parents

    and two brothers since I am only fourteen, I know brothers are "suposed" to be annoying but what I am experiencing is close to rape. My little brother is the problem. Both my brothers have ADHD (attention, defficit, hyperactivity disorder) and I have been struggeling because of...
    illusionarytheory illusionarytheory
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 3, 2014

    Being The Older Sibling Is A Burden

    The story of siblings is not an old one, it's as old as humans itself and can transcend to the animal kingdom. The story of the older sibling, I think is overshadowed by the story of the younger sibling. I'm not saying that in all cases the older sibling is forgotten about...
    Onlyayear123 Onlyayear123
    Jan 6, 2013

    Hes is such a brat. he cusses at me often

    calling me a *****. im 15 and he is 4 years younger at me at 11. Hes always so mean. Everytime i say anything to anyone he will say under his breath"idiot". If thats not worse enough i have to babysit him after school for 5 hours everyday and he just tortures me. When i tell him...
    janiearas janiearas
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Dec 22, 2014

    What happens is basically,

    he is seven years younger and thinks that he is smarter than me when I am in Grade 11. He is obnoxious and tells on my mom all the time. I really hate him
    deleted deleted
    Sep 29, 2015

    OMG most everybody here

    who has a little brother must hate him soooooooo freaking much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    april7778 april7778
    16-17, F
    Sep 14, 2014

    I Hate My Younger Brother

    I hate him. we are one year apart and he is just worthless. both of us are in our late 20s and as of right now I am having to raise him because my parent couldn't afford to let him mooch off of them. my father has Parkinson's and mother has never worked beside our family owned...
    stressrelief2nite stressrelief2nite
    1 Response Aug 18, 2013

    Not Hate, Dislike

    Me and my brother used to get along when we were growing up. Around high school he became a freaking douchebag. Ugh, he rebels he whines he complains he think hes so smart when hes not. He pretends to be confident but he's a fake hes insecure as hell. he puts other people down to...
    deleted deleted
    Jan 13, 2012

    This makes me sad I wish there was less hate

    in world especially when comes to your siblings http://youtu.be/kFN4wB8kF44
    TallCougar70 TallCougar70
    46-50, F
    May 11, 2015

    I Hate Him

    My brother is a pain in the ***, he will punch me and then when I kick his *** he will go run off and cry and tell our parents, funking little ***** brat. I want to kick him in the balls
    Coolboy151617 Coolboy151617
    13-15, M
    1 Response Jun 24, 2011

    I am a 15 year old with 2 brothers

    and 1 sister, and one of my brothers, a 13 year old, makes me just want to explode is all directions. He LOVES the internet and all of its memes and ****. His favorite is "I can haz cheeseburger?" And does all of these ridiculous little internet things. He watches a lot of video...
    annikaR annikaR
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jul 3, 2014
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