I Hate People Who Have More Than One and a Half Kids

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    Some Thing Ive Always Wondered

    I only have one child iam married and i think we could have only one more , i call people that just keep breading and breading i call them rabbit people , ive got a few girl friends one i will call kathy shes got 4 kids on welfaire on her 2 marrage ,well i dont know if they are...
    lunnas lunnas
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    9 Responses Feb 4, 2008

    You Are Destroying the Future For the Rest of Us

    Many people have chosen to have small families.  But some of you have chosen to have more than 1.5 kids.  I hate you!  Really. What are you thinking?!? Our planet is already greatly overpopulated with people.  If you stick to 1.5 kids at most, you will help...
    ag123 ag123
    88 Responses Feb 1, 2008

    I Have 3 Kids

    my husband has a good paying job. i'm not on welfare, and my family insurance is through my husbands employer. the money i spend on groceries comes out of my own pocket. and you know what, i could give a sh-t less if my tax dollars go to help a pregnant teen, a sick child...
    antiyou antiyou
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    6 Responses Apr 4, 2008

    Have a Halfling to Get Your Half Child

    If you are having trouble figuring out how to have a 1/2 child, have a Halfling, more commonly known as a Hobbit. Hobbits are about 1/2 the size of humans, and I imagine they take up far fewer resources, but I can't verify that as a fact. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halfling
    ag123 ag123
    9 Responses Feb 4, 2008

    It' S Not Nice to Hate

    I would say this is an individual choice or a couple's choice if you will. My niece is on her 8th child and my daughter has 2 and plans on having 2 more. I say what is it to other people anyway?? If they can afford to raise them and provide a good home more power to them.
    cinfullynn cinfullynn
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    Response to Comments On Alan's Story

    Pretty self explanatory. [one of my kids just might save your *** one day...or the planet for that matter.] I’ll save you the suspense. Your child will not save the planet. That is something that we as a species must unite and do together. But I do know something that...
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    I don't HATE people

    I just joined this group because I care about the future of our world. I don't hate people.. I don't think that anyone who has had more than a couple of children is a bad person.. It's just that I know that the world is not going to get any bigger, and atsome point people will...
    TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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    8 Responses Feb 27, 2009
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