I Hate That My Mom Is Still Married 2 the Man Who Molested Me

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    Be Very Careful How You React When Your Child Tells You

    Don't ever tell a young child ...."You must apologize to him....i know he didn't do those things to you. Why would you lie and say those things?"   A child doesn't know the human body THAT well....especially the body of the opposite sex.    ...
    Foreveradame Foreveradame
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    6 Responses Jun 25, 2008

    Im Confused On What I Should Do

    I am 22 and I was also molested by my stepfather...I recently told my mom(6 months ago) and she is still with him...It hurts me soooo bad that she chooses to be with a man that would do that to me...She claims that she is going to leave him she just needs to come up with a plan...
    Lawrence314 Lawrence314
    3 Responses Jun 1, 2009

    My Mom Is Still Married To The Man Who Molested Both Me And My Sister

    the first man who took my inocense away was the man my mom married. he molested me when i was 10years old. i told my mom but she did nothing. then his son who was 7 years older then me molested me for a whole year so did his cousin and friend. when i was 16 my mom married him...
    gucci1lola gucci1lola
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    Im Kinda In The Same Boat

    I am soooooooo sorry for your pain(s). I know first hand the act of being molested almost steals your identity. When I was 6 my mom met a man who wasn't.interested in me until I hit puberty. Once I hit puberty he was obsessed with watching me in the shower. Then..(long story...
    Theresnonamesleft Theresnonamesleft
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