I Hate When Men Say They Hate Women

Whenever men say they hate women it irks something in me. 26 People

    Every mother is a real woman.

    Every man has got a mother and every mother is also a woman. So how to say in the some way....you simply can not hate women when you love your own mother. And....don't forget...if there could not be any woman the civilisation could be died withouw women who simply are once...
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    ''No offence but with

    such an outfit, she's just asking to get raped'' Are you ******* kidding me?! No one EVER asks to get raped, because rape is always against the person's will. No matter what a person is wearing that turns you on, you are supposed to keep it IN YOUR PANTS and learn how to...
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    I Hate Women

    ... when they talk incessantly but don't make sense.
    mangrobang mangrobang
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