I Hate You All

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    I Hate You All

    Every time i find 1 smart person I find 10 more retards (sorry mentally stupid, or maybe just completely stupid) which makes me want to hate you all, I don't discriminate even if your somewhat smart or completely smart I hate you all, it makes my life simpler that way
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Mar 14, 2012

    Howd I Speak To You?

    My understandings are to strong for you i understand. I need help on how to talk like they would in this age. help? i must sond weird? so you talk strange dont u?
    Chipper1002 Chipper1002
    26-30, M
    1 Response Aug 29, 2011


    I hate you all. You all are just so selfish and rude. you hurt me all the time. I have a hard time at work all the time. My supervisor sucks. He makes me work more ad shows no appreciation. My cous doesnt care if I am alive or dead. She has even told false things about me to my...
    newmsuv newmsuv
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Feb 24, 2012

    Yeah if you couldn't tell by me posting this,

    I'm really ******* done with people's ****. Being a ******* third wheel in all of my relationships is getting pretty ******* annoying and I LOATHE it. Be careful if you decide to speak to me right now because I'm prone to snapping at times like this
    Mrmanaphy Mrmanaphy
    Jun 4, 2015

    Hate You.

    i hate all of you who left me alone when i needed you the most. i trusted you, but you betrayed my trust. i will never be able to forgive, love and respect you ever. i dnt want any interaction with you. you are dead for me.
    newmsuv newmsuv
    26-30, F
    Jun 10, 2011

    I'm always here for people

    whenever they need someone to talk to because they need help. Just random people come to me whenever they're depressed or not okay, and here I am depressed as **** and having suicidal thoughts, and nobody wants to talk to me. **** all of you, don't come to me for help anymore...
    ACyanideSurprise ACyanideSurprise
    22-25, M
    1 Response Jul 16, 2015
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