I Have a Child Who Is a Victim of Child Molestation

For those who have kids that were sexually abused. For those who have done what they can for their kids. For those who are helping their kids heal. 30 People

    My Little Babies

    I don't have a child of my own, but my 3 nieces were molested by someone very close to our family.  I am so physically sick.  I don't know what to do to help my sisters.  It's going to court and the girls are going to have to testify.  How do we get through...
    tasteofink tasteofink
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    My Story

    I was a single mom at 21 and did not marry until my son was three.  This guy was everything to me and we had a great relationship.  Then secrets and things started apearing.  It seems like someone elses life now that I look back on it.  My son ended up being...
    canadianwoman canadianwoman
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    3 Responses Sep 29, 2010

    I Am Furrious

    I got a divorce Last September and have a beautiful one year old daughter from that marriage the only good thing that came from it. My ex-wife spent 6 months running from CPS and denying me my right to see my daughter as more often than not I had no idea where she was. I...
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    I Am Here to Help

    I don't actually have a child that has had the nightmare of going through that, But I have been raped myself and know the pain and agony that a person goes through. In my beliefe there is no real way of getting over something like that but being able to have someone there that...
    robsangel2008 robsangel2008
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    I need help, advice, support.

    ..anything! I am so confused, hurt, and scared! Recently my 5 year old told me her 14 year old step brother told her he had a big "tootie" (which she means penis!)...I was so shocked...but the day before strangely my husband caught him in top bunk bed with her and question him...
    trstears1 trstears1
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    Caught My Husband With A Nanny Cam.

    I have been with my soon to be ex-husband for 7yrs n married for almost 2yrs. my kids loved him he wus like a father 2 them. On Sep. 16th 2010, I put a nanny cam in my 12yr old daughters room. the next morning i saw the video and i wanted to die. i first called my mother 2 come...
    ychustz ychustz
    3 Responses Oct 7, 2010

    I Need Help Copeing

    Hello, My name is Destiny, I am a mother of a wonderful 3 year old boy named Jagger. Jagger's father (Jesse) and I were never married and broke up because he was unfaithful while I was pregnant with Jagger. He rarely saw baby and was a terrible father, he only took him one...
    Dwaters0204 Dwaters0204
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    I don't know where to start,so I guess I need to start from the beginning..My five year old son came to me on Christmas and told me that his cousin who is 18 touched him...He then showed me exactly what his cousin had done to him. I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to...
    lillyma lillyma
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    S3xually Abused Victims

    There are many people who has been s3xually abused unfortunately. Some with penetration and some without!  I was told, it hurts more when someone hasn't been penetrated, which I think it is wrong...both ways hurts.I am still trying to figure out, what goes into these monsters...
    Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
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    Ashamed Of Myself Isn'T Enough

    Hello,: My sons now 39 and 34 were molested by my now husbands brother when they were only 7 and 3. My boyfriends brother was around 17 at the time. I cannot begin to tell you how guilty and ashamed I AM of myself for not reporting him to the police. He made them have oral sex on...
    uglyness uglyness
    3 Responses Jun 17, 2013
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