I Have a Daughter In Jail

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    So Alone

    my daughters have been in and out of jail for 10 years for drug abuse they need help i dont know what to do i dont have alot of money to get lawyers so its the same violation of probation there is no hope for my one daughter she will be going to prison and i really wish there was...
    cbusias cbusias
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    I Have A Daughter In Jail

    My daughter is 18 & has been in jail 4x in the past year and a half. The last time in jail was for shoplifting, violation of probation by not passing her drug tests. She spent 72 days in jail and then went straight to rehab for 28days. She got out on a Friday and by Sunday was...
    tinahall87 tinahall87
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    2 Responses Nov 5, 2013

    I have a daughter in jail

    for the last 21 month until her trial this week. Addicted to opiate she was at the wrong place at the wrong time and unfortunately two young drug dealers were shot by the associate she was with. In the state of Florida regardless if she had a gun or not she is considered a...
    Miswiti Miswiti
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    Hope Is There

    Not sure what your situation is but justed wanted to lend an ear. I too was the daughter in jail once before. It was the most devestating experience in my life and I all I could think of was getting out and hugging my father the biggest support of my life. I know it may be hard...
    mingokid mingokid
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    My 41 Year Old Daughter Is Sentenced To 45 Months

    My daughter has a long history of prescription drug abuse and illegal drug abuse. She became a person I did not even know, lying, stealing, manipulative, you name it. It took me a long time to not to be an enabler, making excuses for her because she has a chronic illness. But...
    candiesmom candiesmom
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    My Daughter Is In Jail And I Have No Idea What To Do....

    My 28 year old daughter is in jail and facing time in prison and I have no idea what I am suppose to do! My daughter is a serious drug addict and needs a long term treatment facility, but not 10 to 30 years in prison. I am very grateful that she is in jail, I know she is safe...
    strwbrryalice strwbrryalice
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    Senior Portrait Is A Mugshot :(

    My daughter turned 18 in February and its been hell since. She started drinking and smoking weed, leaving home for days without permission or telling me where she was. She moved in with a guy whose best friend abused her, came home, went back and has basically been losing her...
    evolvutghiL evolvutghiL
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    She Is Coming Home Soon

    the dui with serious bodily injury was dropped because there wasnot enough evidence and a semi truck hit her she has one more charge and i hope that the judge orders her to a drug treatment program she  is my daughter and i love her with all my heart but i am worried of her...
    cbusias cbusias
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    My Daughter Has A Booking No..

     My oldest daughter was my "perfect" kid. She never got in trouble, got good grades, very civic oriented. Graduated from college w/ 2 majors and went to law school. Then, I notice a change. She had moved to San Diego from the Southeast. She changed her appearance...
    HappySolo HappySolo
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    ...My Lil Girl...My Heartache..

    ...my youngest lil girl..she is 20 years old..she is in jail and has been there for 2 years fighting her cases. The D.A. offered her 20 years for all three cases..im in shock, I'm scared, I'm stuck.. I don't know what to say..when familys members and friends ask me? "why...what...
    TRIPPY0191 TRIPPY0191
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    My Daughter Is In Jail For 6 Months

    My daughter is in jail. Her sentence is for 6 months. It has been one month now.  She has been doing drugs for 10 years now and been in and out of jail for days at a time.  He dad always gets her out. (We are divorced). I want to visit but I don't know if it is the right thing...
    my2daughters my2daughters
    2 Responses Dec 22, 2011
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