I Have a Friend With Multiple Personalities

Also known as DID or MPD 38 People

    It Is Real

    I love them all. Except for the evil one. And I miss them. I can't possibly understand what they're going through. Her alters aren't just symptoms - they're people. And none of them should have had to go through the hell she did. I don't think they'll ever see this, but...
    Semety Semety
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    i have a friend with split personalitys and it really hurts me becuse , the other side of her hates me and hits me and stuff , and now my firend wont talk to me at all , i dont know if its her or jared her split personality , any advice??
    dakota101 dakota101
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    So Cute!

    I have a friend who has did/mpd and have got to know her littles very well. Spent time this afternoon with one who loves to play scrabble and eat chips, so that's exactly what we did. Only took 3/4 of an hr out of my day and put a smile on her face. Then she was tired and went...
    mpde mpde
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    My online friend has MPD

    and we still talk to this day. She didn't tell me she had MPD until something happened. I fell in love with one of her male personalities. She introduced me to him as a friend. She hadn't told me about the disorder. We talked and talked and I instantly fell in love with him...
    xxNekoxx xxNekoxx
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