I Have A Grandmother With Alzheimer's

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    I Miss Her

    For the last 20 years of her life, my grandmother suffered Alzheimer's. What should have been  joyous twilight years was robbed by this disease. She did not have an easy life, working hard. My grandmother loved babies and I when my two children were born, I took them down...
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    Jan 16, 2010

    I had a wonderful Grammy

    who had Alzheimer's. She was my second mom, and the best there ever was. Alzheimer's is a nasty disease, I remember about a month before she passed I sent a little message out to the gods and told them that it was ok for her to go. It really was time. She was ready, and so were...
    DancesWithUnicorns DancesWithUnicorns
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    cassandra1122 cassandra1122
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    My Grandmother

    Seeing a grandmother with Alzheimers, is really hard... you look at her and remember how zesty she was and alway lie about her age. How she alway wanted to make sure everyone was happy with someone, she love playing hook up..:) She use to work on hair and back when I was a...
    Luckycharm94 Luckycharm94
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    1 Response Aug 26, 2010

    She had early onset Alzheimer's.

    . I remember talking to her and her beautiful face just nodding because she had no idea what I was saying or who I am but she knew she loved me, she never forgot that. She would just randomly smile at me or wag her finger as she tried to remember who I was..
    Jessicaliners Jessicaliners
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    Where Have You Been?

    My grandmother is 90 years old. She started really struggling with Alzheimers 3 years ago. She lived with my father until hospitalization was necessary - about 6 months ago. Before she moved into the nursing home - I spent an evening with her. I thanked her for being my rock, my...
    LadyAnalyzer LadyAnalyzer
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    Are You In There Somewhere? I Miss You!

    I miss my grandmother very much these days but the saddest thing is I miss her most when I am with her.  I spent many days taking care of her but taking care of her physically seems easy compared to trying to care for her emotional needs. She is just so unhappy and mean. She...
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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    She lives with me, she just attacked my mother

    like 2 minutes ago, this has never happened
    jangofett56037 jangofett56037
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    So Painful.

    My great grandmother who is 91 years old is in her final stage of Alzheimer's. If anyone seen someone go threw it they know what I'm talking about. I want to share what we are going threw. In her final stage. She isn't able to get up on her own. Barely hold her head up to do...
    badgirlbee badgirlbee
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    1 Response Jan 20, 2013

    Beginning To Understand Just Now

    I watched some educational dvd's about Alzheimer's disease finally. I now understand a lot more than I did. It's very sobering. It's not just about forgetting. In the beginning it is, in stage one. As it progresses parts of your brain begin to shut down and the person disappears...
    Nyxii Nyxii
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    Feb 21, 2013


    I myself cant remember much. Short attention span or dementia? For Dementia is the early stages of Alzheimer's disesase. Where are my keys? Where am I? Do I exist? Im almost 64 myself and now have alopecia and memory loss. Father in heaven, guide my ways,show me the way for my...
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    Feb 19, 2013

    Here I Am!

    My grandmother's fight with Alzheimer's has lasted for years. It mainly affected her ability to speak, as slowly but surely it became harder for her to communicate with us. She remembered all of our faces and could understand us when we spoke to her, but when it came to having...
    Ronsunny Ronsunny
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    Who Are We Kidding .....

    A lady once proud with dignity and humility . Now a sad husk containing some organs clinging to a frail skeleton . With a fixed grin and eyes once filled with life now dulled and weak  she stares at you almost through you . The inevitable yes to all the questions from Grant...
    salar1 salar1
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    She has early onset Alzheimer's.

    It's sad. But, I'm there for her.
    Wolflover1999 Wolflover1999
    18-21, M
    Oct 25, 2015
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