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    Guru Jesus

    Hopefully my interpretation of The Christ will be acceptable since I call Him a Guru inasmuchas He transmitted The Holy Spirit to His disciples. In Hindu parlance, as Adi Da {Bubba Free John, Da Loveananda, et al} and Muktananda declare it is Shakti from the goddess Kundalini...
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    Shiva Purana

    "Sivapurana has all the characteristics of a Mahapurana. According to the ancients, a Mahapurana contained five main characteristics that concerned either early religion or traditional history. Of these the origin of the universe (Sarga) is an important feature of every...
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    Apr 8, 2010

    I cant imagine life without my guru.

    It wud pathetic and awful to be without someone to guide u in this life, someone powerful whom u can look up to. Whom u find always helpin u in adverse times. Whom u can count upon and is always there for u. Capable of taking u out of even worst troubles u get into in ur life...
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    Real Gurus

    I know of Adi Da, as Da Free John and other names. He was a disciple of Svami Muktananda Paramahamsa of the Sarasviti Order of Monks. Baba [meaning father as we call him] was a kundalini yogi of premier magnitude who had the ability to awaken in people the dormant Shakti, or Holy...
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    May 16, 2009

    Prayer for disciples

    who know the value of sadhguru in life: Jyota se Jyota...Yogananda: http://youtu.be/Eelgreiwrk0
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    Feb 18, 2015

    Why Consult a Reality Expert?

    After a lifetime of hard searching, going for every kind of crazy experience that brought me 'beyond' myself and desperatly trying to figure what 'it was all about', trying to make myself great at this or that, create a new artform or just become happy, i found myself in a...
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    My Guru

    My guru is my husband, a cuban sex god that could make zeus cower in his boots, (not that he ever wore any) but he has the best personality, so calm and organized. I call him batman
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    Dec 6, 2011

    Guru Paadukabhyam: http://youtu.

    be/OtFS3BTgevs A Prayer written by Adi Shankara Bhagawat pada with five verses called “Guru Paduka Panchakam”. It sounds very soothing and invokes devotion for guru. Transcript along with translation is here in this post. Anantha samsara samudhra thara naukayithabhyam...
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    1 Response Feb 21, 2015
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