I Have a Happy Marriage

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    I came out to my wife

    and best friend of 17 years.
    Insouciance413 Insouciance413
    41-45, M
    Jun 28, 2015

    Just because I flirt a little bit doesn't mean

    I am not happy. I'm actually crazy happy, and part of that happiness comes from the fact that he's OK with how I behave - and trusts me and let's me fish for compliments with a picture or few sometimes, knowing I am his, body and heart and soul.
    pinkcorsetgirl pinkcorsetgirl
    46-50, F
    3 Responses Aug 11, 2014

    Happy anniversary to my best friend

    and wife...17 awesome years. some up and downs but 99% all ups.
    Insouciance413 Insouciance413
    41-45, M
    Aug 8, 2015

    Why Are There Only 30 People In This Group?

    So, I've been with my hubby for 4 years, married for about 18months. We are very happy. We love and respect each other and we take care of each other. He spoils me rotten and always makes me special. He has been with me through the hardest times of my life, and stuck with me...
    Keekee89 Keekee89
    22-25, F
    Nov 21, 2012

    Skinny Dip Or Not To Skinney Dip

    Last weekend was the second weekend off with my new position. Prior I have been working every weekend for over 2 years. Saturday, after the chores, hunny do's and financial evaluation for the week, My wife and myself wanted to do something. So we decided to catch sunset at the...
    1changingheart 1changingheart
    51-55, M
    Aug 23, 2011

    Lucky Me, Found Him Early!

    Guess what!I am thoroughly happy and satisfied with my marriage. Have you ever been pushed to the edge with your feelings of love and desire to crave a man, to want to totally submit and make him happy and to give him children? I have. This life with him made up for all of the...
    laughinkatt laughinkatt
    31-35, F
    1 Response Jan 18, 2011

    Happy Unpredictability

    My husband has been very depressed or down lately and it really has gotten me worried. I have been unable to get him to talk to me and I'm not even sure he knows what is wrong or why he is acting so distant. I was becoming extremely anxious about how to help him when last night...
    moone17 moone17
    22-25, F
    Dec 4, 2012


    What is so comfortable is the lack of demands...the freedom from pressure...I can pursue my interests without hubby complaining about the mess...yes I do work on it...but he will not make an issure out of me being on the computer when perhaps I should be cleaning.  It is...
    succulent succulent
    56-60, F
    3 Responses Oct 12, 2009
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