I Have A List Of Things I Hate

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    1. People calling me babe

    or baby or anything like that. 2. Bully's 3. Anyone that thinks they are better than everyone else. 4. Any thing sour. 5. Animal abuser and child abusers And finally racists
    mirajane123 mirajane123
    13-15, F
    Dec 10, 2014

    it's three pages long

    and growing
    Totalwar1214 Totalwar1214
    18-21, M
    Apr 22, 2015

    Not The Whole List But The Gist Of The List

    Almost everything about myself My father My step-mom Large buldings Fire Sleeping hangovers My best friend's best friends Homophobes Racists Child abusers Pedophiles The color of vomit that people wear and pain there homes in eew Women's attitudes.....might have to explain that...
    YoungGothicWriter YoungGothicWriter
    Sep 19, 2013

    - onions - the word "moist" - snobby

    people - screaming children - the color green - the word "panties" - Walmart - politics - swimsuits - pants - sexism - uggs - blue food - when people don't share food - snow - what-if questions - puke - the word "Thot" - twerking - girls who pretend to be...
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    5 Responses Apr 21, 2015

    -Having pointless homework whist having to study

    for exams -People who hate on mainstream music just because they want to be portentous hipsters. -People who use disabilities as insults -Homophobic, racist, sexist people. -Right wing political parties -Judgemental people -People who put no effort into a friendship(Like I will...
    lunamoon12 lunamoon12
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 23, 2015

    Things I hate 1: mornings.

    2: getting off video games 3: people who annoy me. 4: having to apologize for being me. 5: onions 6: peppers, 7: morning people 8: getting out of bed. 9: chores. 10: school. 11: people 12: bratty children 13: slow phones 14: kids my age. 15: stereotypes
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    2 Responses Dec 9, 2014
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