I Have a Love Hate Relationship With Wal-mart

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    Love / Hate Walmart

    I love Walmart cause they have great prices.  I usually buy home products, chocolate, cats & dogs treats,  Q-tips, women stuff = nail polish, lip gloss, sanitary products, etc I hate Walmart cause it is always packed.
    Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
    36-40, F
    Sep 28, 2010

    Why You Should Hate Walmart

    Yes, their service is slow, the stores are dirty, the checkout lines are atrocious, and those f-ing yellow smiley faces could frighten the hell out of a serial killer. However, you should dislike Walmart because they run small businesses out of towns. They have killed the...
    wonderlust wonderlust
    31-35, F
    9 Responses Oct 27, 2007

    Gotta Love It Hate It.

    Generally speaking I love the place. I will find a store occasionally that I go out of my way to avoid. My husband says we should just sign our checks over to them cuz they get it all anyway. Tonight we went in one of those stores I dislike, because it was so much closer than...
    ColorMeReal ColorMeReal
    41-45, F
    1 Response Oct 26, 2007


    i have been living around maine for the last 13 years and prior to that i never bothered with walmart. i didnt see what all the fuss was about. but now i have lived places where its the only decent place to shop. there are remote areas of maine and probably the rest of the...
    kittten kittten
    46-50, F
    Jan 18, 2008


    I love the prices but don't like so much the crowded aisles and long lines.
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
    46-50, F
    1 Response May 4, 2010


    The part I don't like about Wal-mart is they got away from Sam Walton's made in the USA only products.  That is where it all went down hill.  I don't like the fact they run small businesses down either.  I do like to shop at Wal-mart though but the lines can be a...
    rondat rondat
    41-45, F
    1 Response Feb 18, 2008

    Don't all progressive people?

    I love a good deal, variety and convenience... but I hate what corporatism is doing to the world.
    utahwriter utahwriter
    41-45, M
    1 Response Apr 21, 2014

    You've Got Love, and Hate, It's the Only Way...

    As a company, because of their policies, I cannot STAND Wal-Mart on a moral basis. I think overall it's ridiculous how poorly they treat their employees, worldwide. However... it's so friggen cheap. And I have bills to pay. Sigh. Thankfully, I don't have to go against my...
    lianhua lianhua
    22-25, F
    Nov 2, 2007

    What to Do...

    Wal-mart can be a blessing when you need sales or a quick birthday gift, oh but try getting out of the store. The lines are always so backed up and a royal pain. Even when you do self check out it takes forever. And the aisles are crowded and small and at night they are stocking...
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Oct 8, 2007

    The Alarm System.

    I love Wal-Mart. The prices are great, the products are great...there are some really nice finds there. However, I can't count the times I've come out of the store and set the alarm off. Not because I've stolen anything, but because something didn't scan right, etc. The usual...
    itsmesally itsmesally
    22-25, F
    1 Response May 4, 2010


    Why do I keep shopping here? Just because its so close and convenient? Cant I ever stop being cheap and just friggin go to Fred Meyers for what I need?I love it there,just cant believe some of the prices.... Wal mart why are you so tantalizingly cheap?
    blackcat blackcat
    22-25, F
    Nov 3, 2007
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