I Have a Pain In My Neck and Its Killing Me

I want people to visit their doctor when they feel a pain. This is a place where I hope to inspire you to go to your doctor if you have pain. 9 People

    I have had severe neck pain the last week.

    I had a major car crash in '99 I wash it at 80 kph whilst stationery, I was sitting in traffic minding my own when out of nowhere a P plate driver hit me.. ( he was on his mobile phone at the time) I took myself to the hospital last Thursday and had a CT scan .. as I was...
    ladypenelope62 ladypenelope62
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    3 Responses Jan 10, 2016

    The Pain In My Neck .....

    ......... it is killing me, quite literally it is killing me, I am going to die because of the pain in my neck, these words are cheaply thrown out of my mouth so that I might leave the most impact on you. do not delay going to your doctor, please go as soon as a problem or a...
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