I Have A Pet That Died

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    We had a German Shepard named Whisper who passed away last April. She really wasn't our dog to begin with, she was my Great Aunts dog. My Great Aunt had to go to an assisted living facility because she couldn't take care of her self and the dog anymore. So we took Whisper in. She...
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    Molly, 11/6/04- 6/5/15 I am still haunted by

    yesterday, when I came through to the kitchen to see your legs shaking, barely able to walk. You had reduced to skin and bones overnight, and I wanted to just hold you but you were so fragile. In the end mum had to pick you up off the seat and lay you on your cushion. Your yowls...
    CaitlinBuchan97 CaitlinBuchan97
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    Animal Heaven

    We have so many pets that died its to many to count but my favorites were roo my guiena pig who we had for three years and died recently copper and lighting bolt my two favortie hamsters. I hope there all doing well in animal heaven
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    My dog Walter dies last year in July.

    My mom, brother and I were going to church, when my dad called my mom. She didn't say anything, she just swerved around and started crying. When we got home she chocked out "Backyard- Walter" and then lapsed into sobing. I was confused so i ran into the back, and saw Walter, my...
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    My cat, Loki, died last night.

    The worst part was, I've been out of town all week, and didn't get to say goodbye. My boyfriend found him last night and stayed with him, for which I'm grateful. I wish I could have been there though. I never even knew he was sick.
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    Apr 22, 2015


    i had a little bunny named jack, he was roughley 6-8 days old, and i was gonna take care of him, and i tried, but baby jack was taken away by god whilist i was asleep. i barried him outside my house under a bush, and placed a wooden bord next to his grave. the smell of formulia...
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    Apr 13, 2012
    pardax pardax
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    May 9, 2015

    It was 5.10pm when the vet called me,

    and i was crying hysterically on the way to the vet when the doc told me that husky was struggling to breath.. 😔 the vet told me that his liver n kidney was failing, i cant stop crying.. Reached vet at 5.30pm and just as i opened d door (ward) husky had already gone.. 😥 he...
    catsinheaven03 catsinheaven03
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    Jun 3, 2015

    Rocky and Sasha

    About 6 months ago when I was at the park we had found two stray pups roaming around, no owners. They had to be no more then a month or two old. We brought them home and fed them and gave them baths. They eat like they were starving and had fleas like crazy. We later found out...
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    When I was a year old, my parents decided they wanted to raise their kids with a dog, and so begun the search for the perfect playmate. The story of how my mother found Lana is actually a very sweet one. She had picked out another female pup, a golden lab, at the farm where the...
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