I Have A Sad Story To Tell Of Dying

I think everyone has lost someone to death...how did you feel, what would have wanted to say to them if you knew they were going to die? 25 People

    No one in my family had ever died,

    I had never seen a dead person. 2.5 years ago my brother in law had dinner at my house then went home to the uk where he was living, 2 days later the phone rang at midnight. He had been drinking, took drugs,had a heart attack and died. He was a big strong man, he was 33. 4...
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    What Have I Done

     The image burned into my mind Even when I shut my eyes The grotesque vision haunts me The blood stained walls The fight, the fall You lying there Life pouring onto the floor Colored in red You eyes glimmer no more What have I done In a fit of rage Now you are gone Snuffed...
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    The Passing Of Tragedy

     My brother-in-law went in to have lung cancer removed....the surgery was successful and he should be sitting at home in his special chair.  Instead he has been reduced to the dust of earth from which he was created. The surgery went well; since his breathing was...
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    About 2 years ago my great grandma died at the

    age of 89, I wasn't allowed to see her anymore cause my family thought it was best. My mum worked at the care hike she was in, she had been I'll for a very long time and was suffering and i didn't like hearing that she was in pain. On April 20th 2012 about 8 pm we went to pick...
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