I Have Aarskog Syndrome

A Aarskog Syndrome anonymous support group with information on diagnosis, treatment, symptoms, along with personal stories and experiences with Aarskog Syndrome. You're not alone. 3 People

    I have a 50 percent chance I have a mild case

    of Aarskog syndrome and/or a carrier of it. The whole of my mothers side is 90% women and rarely 10% men. The boys is the family have got Aarskog syndrome. My 14 year old cousin has it badly and has lost his two arms to it. My mum also miscarried twin boys which also can happen...
    mrstylerthecreator mrstylerthecreator
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    Raising An Aarskog Syndrome Child

    From the moment he was born, I knew that Danny was different. He was my fourth son. The other three looked exactly alike when they were born. Danny looked similar to ET. His eyes were huge. By the time he was a month old, I wrote to a cousin and told her I thought he looked like...
    jellp1952 jellp1952
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