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    Due to my eating disorder (haven't eaten

    since October 2012), I've started to suffer with really bad acid reflux. My stomach acid it's getting increasingly painful now. I'm on Lansoprazole (30mg) and Ranitidine (150mg x 2) but they don't seem to be doing much. I know the cure would be for me to eat but I can't, I have...
    BeautyOfSuffering BeautyOfSuffering
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jun 1, 2014

    Im Too Young To Have Acid Reflux Disease.

    I am only 18 and I have acid reflux disease. I take prevacid everyday and I eat tums after I eat and when I got to be I take peptobismal. Since im allergic to a strong GERD medicine I suffer with the pain everyday. My doctor said that I am too young to have GERD but they dont...
    gymcheer1218 gymcheer1218
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Mar 10, 2012

    Acid Reflux Has Greatly Affected My Life

    I am 22 years old, I was diagnose shortly after I turned 21 when they did an endoscopy and discovered that I have barrett's esophagus, acid reflux and a hiatal hernia. I've been having heart burn for years, I've tried every over the counter with not much success. Then a little...
    germeyer germeyer
    2 Responses Apr 17, 2013

    how many of you guys can't sleep at night

    because it feels like you can't catch your breath
    dahomie1 dahomie1
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Dec 18, 2015

    I Found a Solution to My Problem and it worked!!!

    I have/had suffered with acid refux for over 15 years now. Not on a daily occurance but enough to be a pain. I finally found something that has completely elliminated my problem and did so with going to the doctor or taking drugs like the purple pill! Its an all natural product...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jan 25, 2008


    I'm suddenly awaked 2am.  Feeling strange.  Horrible pain in my chest.  What is this?  Don't know.  Get up and walk floor.  Half hour-fortyfive minutes later pain is worse.  Am I having a heart attack? Get husband to drive me to hospital 3:45...
    Grits4life Grits4life
    46-50, F
    1 Response Aug 24, 2008

    Possible Correlation Between Acid Reflux And Seasonal Allergies

    Ok, so I have had acid reflux for about 1 1/12 years. I have studied every cure available. I did try the meds for Acid Reflux without any improvement. I still had the throat burning nearly all day. I eliminated certain"trigger foods". Not much improvement. I stayed away...
    AnnetteA AnnetteA
    56-60, F
    Oct 1, 2013

    Stomach Madness

    My story started about two and a half years ago.  I got some pain in my ribs and was prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs.  I started being sick and had a stomach ulcer.  I had to go into hospital and be put on a drip.  I went in hospital a few times.  Anyway a scan showed I...
    charlibudgie charlibudgie
    Oct 11, 2011

    It's been really bad

    for the last couple of days. I eat normally and drink enough and I also take acid neutralizers and it has no effect on it. I have reflux no matter if I am hungry, full or in between. Please give me some advice on how to stop it!!!
    DexieAnderson DexieAnderson
    18-21, M
    1 Response Mar 24, 2016

    Acid Reflux Makes Me Puke!

    Yeah, about a month after I turned 30 I developed acid relflux. I was throwing up so much I thought i was pregnant! I wasn't, and my doctor put me on some medication for it but it interferred with my other prescription, Aripiprazole (an antipsychotic). I learned to...
    palepinkchick palepinkchick
    31-35, F
    1 Response Jun 6, 2010

    Try This To Stop Acid Reflux....no Cost

     Hi everyone, Like many men, in late fall/early winter my acid reflux would flare up. I used to use Prilosec. The generics were worthless. I inadvertently found a way to stop my acid reflux and haven't had any problems for a few years now. To lose weight, I have...
    lovelife2themax lovelife2themax
    51-55, M
    2 Responses Jan 25, 2010

    I've been on medication

    for months and recently stopped taking it. I thought I was safe until a few days ago. One incident makes me ponder on whether reflux could also be related to stress. One night, I was passing through the main highway when I saw a car accident. The driver died on the spot...
    mareliberum mareliberum
    1 Response Jan 19, 2015

    As a kid, every now and then I remember getting

    pain in my chest and throwing up bile. My parents always told me that I probably swallowed improperly. I went travelling for awhile and when I came back it got very severe. I did my own research and came to the conclusion it was acid reflux. I went and spoke to my doctor and she...
    K032991 K032991
    26-30, F
    Mar 29, 2015

    I just threw up and it went back down.

    ... Taste like chicken, hmmm I wonder.....😏😖😷
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Feb 8, 2014

    No health insurance can not go to doctor.

    I can not afford prilosec or other OTC meds. I eat maybe ten antacids a day. I'm not even sure what the difference is between acid reflux and GERD. If I do not eat anything in four hours I get this burning in my throat until I pop a few antacids. Anyone have any advice?
    kenrin kenrin
    31-35, M
    2 Responses May 7, 2014

    Woke About

    an hour ago with the burning at the back of my throat. I tried to ignore it, but it was to bad to just lay there. I have been awake and have taken one of the antacids I use. Still have that burning and waiting for it to subside.
    Learsmall Learsmall
    56-60, M
    Nov 11, 2013

    Trying Something Here

    After being hospitalized numerous times due to too much acid, i am done with western medicines. I started taking traditional chinese medication and following a strict diet of zero cold drinks and food. It is working great! The TCM doctor said that cold drink is one of the worst...
    xksinz xksinz
    31-35, F
    Oct 24, 2013

    This Is My Story.

    First the basics. I have had stomach trouble all my life, and GERD proper since I was twelve. When I was fourteen, I had to quit schooling from the complications caused by this. When I was fifteen, I had my gallbladder taken out as a "See if this works" stab in the dark. After...
    IAmLightning IAmLightning
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 13, 2011

    I've Had Acid Reflux For a Week

    I've had Acid Reflux for a week now I've taken heartburn mixture and it works then when I eat or drink it comes back a i cough with it . What can i do or take ito get rid of this stupid Acid Reflux .
    wwechick2009 wwechick2009
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jul 30, 2009


    Thanks to nexium 40mg I no longer suffer from heartburn and acid reflux. I tried about 4 other meds that didnt work. Thank you whoever you are the inventer of nexium.
    1woody 1woody
    41-45, M
    4 Responses Jan 18, 2012


    My dad has had problems with acid reflux for as long as I could remember. I never really knew what it was when I was a kid though. Then my older brother started having problems with it too a few years later. Just because he inherited it from dad doesn't mean I would too...right...
    DelectaBit DelectaBit
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Aug 12, 2012


    With my acid reflux, I feel it in my stomach most of the time. There always a burning sensation in my stomach that creeps up into my throat. I recently have asked my doctor for a prescription because Prilosec wasn't working. Unfortunately, insurance will not cover anything! They...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Aug 15, 2009

    Acid Reflux

    i used to get reflux about three times a year since i was 21 and had no idea what it was as it was too irregular for me to go to a doctor, so i had no idea of what it was until i told one of my gilrfriends many years later and she told me it was called reflux. Mine is caused by...
    uranus33 uranus33
    May 15, 2010

    Here I Sit

    at one in the morning with a bout of aid reflex. The pressure sits there and keeps building and building. I have take a pill, but it has yet to kick in. I hope it does not last to long, I need to get so sleep before getting up for work in 4 hours.
    Learsmall Learsmall
    56-60, M
    Nov 18, 2013

    Hey, so I need help..

    I was sleeping and then all the sudden, without any warning, liquid came up and i jolt awake, sitting up. I swallowed it and it didn't taste like vomit or anything. However my throat burned a little because I know vomit is acidy. Is this acid reflux or like something else? Now I...
    nmey94 nmey94
    22-25, F
    1 Response Dec 23, 2014

    Its Annoying

    I have had it ever since i was 3 and now i am 14 it acts up when ever it wants and i hate it
    1LilLefty 1LilLefty
    18-21, F
    Aug 19, 2013

    My Acid Reflux Cured!

    I have been suffering from reflux for over three years now. I used to get so bloated that I could barely breath. A lot of dizziness too. For a long time I simply didn't understand what was happening and never looked into it. Instead of going to the doctor (looking back I'm glad I...
    jonmc jonmc
    1 Response Sep 18, 2012

    I've Had Acid Reflux For a Week

    I've had Acid Reflux for a week now I've taken heartburn mixture and it works then when I eat or drink it comes back a i cough with it . What can i do or take ito get rid of this stupid Acid Reflux .
    wwechick2009 wwechick2009
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Jul 30, 2009
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Nov 1, 2015

    I Was 21...

    I was 21 when my doctor told me I have acid reflux, and that I've probably had it my whole life. A few months later, when I was 22, I had an endoscopy to prove it.  For over a year and a half I was on and off Protonix, or other medications such as Prilosec. It...
    chancesbreathe chancesbreathe
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Feb 1, 2009

    I have found that drinking a little baking soda

    in water helps my reflux when I have it during those in between times(times when it is not yet time to take my next zantac). My dad who also has reflux issues says that drinking club soda also helps.
    jdavis39 jdavis39
    41-45, F
    Jan 26, 2014

    anyone else with acid reflux get the shortness

    of breathe?I'm tempted to go to the ER because I can't get full breathes but I've been there done that multiple times.I have just completed 14 days of Prilosec again and just want to find some lasting relief.I get the feeling of air being stuck in throat and my nasal passages...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 8, 2015

    I have severe acid reflux

    and have been through all the differentacid reducers and proton pump inhibitors. Nowdoc has me on hi dose of 300mg of zantac, but I'm still have issues with the burning sensations causing me breathing issues. My symptoms are exacerbated by having gastroparesis. Any advice on...
    jdavis39 jdavis39
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Jan 19, 2014


    It all started about four months ago when I took a vitamin before bed and it seemed like the pill wouldnt go down. It was like a lump was stuck in my throat. That whole entire night by esophagus burned from the acid reflux. Ever since that night, I have not stopped having...
    123maria 123maria
    2 Responses Dec 27, 2012

    Scared Of Getting Barrett'S

    I was just recently dx with gerd I'm a former smoker who just quit. I so affraid of getting Barrett's esophagus Im still trying to figure out my specific triggers. Help?
    Gerdgal Gerdgal
    36-40, F
    2 Responses May 2, 2013


    Hello Everyone, been looking for a group like this. I was diagnosed with acid reflux and anxiety in late August of last year.....but the thing is, I don't have the severe symptoms that usually accompay the condition. I don't have the chect discomfort, there is no vomiting, even...
    LadyMortensen LadyMortensen
    May 12, 2009

    Hi all, I've just created a new forum

    dedicated to dealing with issues related to acid reflux. I've got some handy recipes up and will definitely have more to follow. It's a little quiet right now (it's only a couple of days old) but with a few posts I think it could really be something! :) I'd really love it if...
    ChrisHasReflux ChrisHasReflux
    41-45, M
    Nov 20, 2014

    Acid Reflux Has Criple My Life

    I have suffered with acid reflux over 10 years. I have taken all type of priscription drugs for 10 years.  The past few years medication seem to make the pain worst. I do not know what to do any more
    Galgal Galgal
    3 Responses Apr 25, 2008

    Not Working

    I have been diagnosed with acid reflux. However I don't have a lot of what other people have like not being able to sleep, in matter of fact when I go to sleep and wake up the acid reflux is either gone temporarily or a lot less aggravating. Also, when I lie back on my pillow...
    acidm77 acidm77
    May 6, 2013

    I take 300mg of ranitidine twice a day to keep

    symptoms at bay. This works well for me and the pills can be found cheaply with a little effort. Currently I buy a 65 count bottle at Family Dollar for six dollars.
    nocturnalhound nocturnalhound
    31-35, M
    Apr 5, 2014

    In the Emergency Room I Was Old I Must Be Using Hard Drugs

    But the symptoms I was having were actually due to acid. I've enver tocuhed hard drugs in my life and was rather insulted at the accusation. I wen home and continued to be violently ill for several months, unable to work or eat or even go for a walk. I wish emergency room doctors...
    AngelaDark AngelaDark
    31-35, F
    1 Response Oct 29, 2007

    Gerd It Sucks!

    I have recently developed this problem and it's driving me crazy.  Half of the time I feel like I am having a heart attack.  I experience chest pains, pressure, tightness and pain in my abdomen.  It usually occurs after I eat and subsides when I take a Zantac, but i don't want...
    nina0409 nina0409
    3 Responses Jan 13, 2012

    I Have Acid Reflux (gerd) Too

    I'm a 65 year old male with acid reflux.   It seems to be getting worse.   If I eat at 6:00 PM, I have to stay up until midnight or it bothers me.  Acid Reflux is very dangerous because the acid washing up into your esophagus can cause Barret's...
    rollandh rollandh
    61-65, M
    5 Responses Jan 27, 2008

    if you have acid reflux disease

    and are 18 and under please message me. I need comfort and someone I can relate to.
    deleted deleted
    Nov 3, 2015

    I had it since I was 13 years old,

    what the hell??? It's like purgatory. Who else developed it at a young age?
    deleted deleted
    Sep 20, 2015

    and i wish i could just drink apple juice

    without a ******* episode.
    findsomethinginhope findsomethinginhope
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Apr 30, 2014

    Please Respond To My Acid Reflux Question

    I have had GERD since birth. I am a NC State design student doing a project based on designing a bed that can slope itself mechanically. It would be for people who raise the head of their bed for purposes of reducing acid reflux symptoms. I have the head of my bed lifted by...
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Mar 11, 2013

    I Have Polyps In The Stomach Walls

    Went for a scope 3 months ago. Doctor found small polyps on my stomach wall. Apparently omeprazole causes them. I have stopped taking omeprazole after googling on stomach polyps. One woman who took omeprazole for years has the most awful-looking stomach! It is covered in huge...
    xksinz xksinz
    31-35, F
    1 Response Oct 24, 2013

    I think? I'm pregnant

    and it's driving me mad, painful burny feeling in my chest and throat. Gaviscon doesn't do much. Constant and so uncomfortable:(
    antisocialrainbow antisocialrainbow
    31-35, F
    1 Response Nov 13, 2014

    my throat has been irritating me badly

    since last year, I've been throwing up and regurgitating food. recently food has been regurgitated and stuck inside my throat unless I belch it out or throw to drink water. feels like I'm dying honestly, and this reflux also causes me head numbness
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 29, 2015

    Burning the Midnite Oil

    ouccchhhhh!!!  i have the worst acid reflux.  it makes me cough, gag, eyes water, have hiccups, and stomach cramps.  in the past, i have had bleeding ulcers and man oh man... the constant burning in my throat/chest is getting really bad again.  
    SierraStJames SierraStJames
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Nov 12, 2007

    Can'T Sleep...Too Much Pain

    I have, what I've been told is acid reflux. Upon reflection, I've had it my whole life and don't know why. When I was 2 years old I had a double hernia operation. When I was in college I would drink one beer and throw up in the middle of the night. I would also get wicked cramps...
    wisogkso wisogkso
    Apr 23, 2013
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