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    Newly Diagnosed

    Hi all, well my story is i've been sick for months and months, doctors had no idea been to see many specialists, i found out a few days ago i have iron deficiency anemia, saturation levels doc said are supposed to be at 20% mine is at 4%, hemoglobin levels supposed to be 12 mine...
    totired2care totired2care
    36-40, F
    1 Response Oct 16, 2012

    My blood test came in yesterday,

    and I was informed that I have been diagnosed with anemia. I always assumed because of my mother, but I was never sure since I donated blood. However there was a period in my life where I couldn't donate for 2 yrs. because my hemoglobin was low... it broke my heart. Silly I know...
    micaconamor micaconamor
    22-25, F
    Feb 16, 2015

    When you realize your iron levels are dropping

    but your doctor won't order blood work done -_-
    svankemps svankemps
    18-21, F
    Mar 13, 2015

    Aside from the horrible easily bruising anyone

    else find they get super thirsty and nauseous when their iron levels are low?
    TheSongPlaysWithin TheSongPlaysWithin
    18-21, F
    Aug 8, 2014

    I keep getting the worst headaches

    and almost passing out. What are some good sources of iron?
    TheSongPlaysWithin TheSongPlaysWithin
    18-21, F
    1 Response May 15, 2014

    I don't have an iron-rich diet

    and my symptoms are starting to get worse.
    justalea justalea
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 28, 2014

    A Knock-on Effect

    I've recently been diagnosed with Iron Deficiency Anemia and have very low blood pressure. Im 17 and at college and having anemia has made it hard for me, academically and socially because of the symptoms (fatigue, weakness, short of breath etc). I'm so worried about...
    Titch91 Titch91
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Dec 16, 2008

    I have been waiting for an opening to commit

    suicide, so when I saw that I am lacking iron in my blood and my mom gave me iron pills, I threw them all away and now I'm waiting for death. This way it's not too obvious that I killed myself
    PanicAtTheDiscount PanicAtTheDiscount
    18-21, F
    1 Response Sep 16, 2014

    I have iron and b12 deficiencies.

    .. It is crazy how some days I'll forget my pills and be fine, while others I'm dragging until I take my pills and they absorb into my blood stream. One minute I think I'm dying and about to puke my brains out, next minute I'm ready to face the day as a champion. It's crazy how...
    nephthalim nephthalim
    22-25, F
    1 Response Mar 24, 2014

    I went to the ER to get a blood transfusion a

    few weeks ago because my hemoglobin was extremely low, at a 5. I actually went to the doctor that morning because I felt like my Anemia was bad, I think it was triggered by being overworked (I had to do my boss' s job & mine while he was gone on vacation for 3 weeks, it was very...
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    2 Responses Sep 11, 2014

    I'm anemic. My iron stores are low.

    I'm B12 and Zinc deficient. I have to take Iron, B12, and Zinc tablets everyday, as well as my other medications.
    BeyondGreenEyes BeyondGreenEyes
    36-40, F
    Feb 28, 2015

    Hypothyroidism And Anemia

    Does anyone else have both? i began with just hypothyroidism, even though the doctors were giving me medication for nine months i felt no better and i was getting worse and my life was spiralling into a pile of **** and then they finally realised i had both, and that they...
    Jilliano Jilliano
    18-21, F
    1 Response Aug 3, 2012

    Ferritin Level At 2

    Hello, I am hoping for some insight from others that are also suffering.  I am a 29 year old female.  I was having daily headaches with brief loss of vision daily, I went to the doctors and he did bloodwork, my ferritin level was 2 and my b12 level was 128.  He said these were...
    dmarkov dmarkov
    26-30, F
    4 Responses Jun 9, 2011

    Getting Better

    A few years ago, I had to stop giving blood as my iron count dropped far too low.  I'd always had slightly low iron, but my deficiency had started getting worse and worse.   While at University, it got to the point where I became incredibly lethargic.  I got...
    Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
    22-25, F
    6 Responses Dec 15, 2008

    Really Bad Day.

    I've had Anemia for a long time. I'm a sick person in general, but anemia is a big one. I usually take my iron pill and be okay but some days it does not work. Like today. I can't even walk to the restroom without having to stop for breath. I tried washing the dishes and I...
    IWillMakeYouThink IWillMakeYouThink
    22-25, F
    2 Responses May 13, 2013

    I am only 13 & my mom said my doctor called

    and told her I have little iron in my body Bc I don't eat meat at all . I hate meat more than anything! I will sometimes eat chicken but that's pretty much all. Can any of you guys relate Bc I also read the symptoms & I did like all of them! I do gymnastics so I don't think that...
    deleted deleted
    Aug 26, 2015

    I Have Iron Deficiency Anemia.

    I have iron deficiency anemia caused by pregnancy. It's not the first time this has happened, I was pregnant 6 years ago and had it then as well.So, I am currently taking iron supplements. It sounds strange and I cannot find any information on it (I have to go to the doctor's...
    CuteInChaos CuteInChaos
    18-21, F
    1 Response May 3, 2011

    I Am Anemic For The Second Time In My Life . . .

    I too am anemic. Since being diagnosed, i have had alot of scary days when i have gone out not knowing how my meds will react on my body. My main problem is that i take high blood pressure medication and am very sensitive to other supplements. I have to take iron and vit b-12. I...
    mdreem mdreem
    1 Response Dec 20, 2010

    In-utero To Newborn To Teenager To Adult Living With Anemia

    Mom just informed me (I'm 35 years old), that I had the anemia allllllll the way back to in-utero. Well she had anemia, but once I was born, hers was gone...mine was stuck with me. I was hospitalized in 2005 for a hemoglobin of 6 and BP of 68/34. Kept in the hospital till the...
    apatheticlethargicaddict apatheticlethargicaddict
    36-40, F
    Apr 4, 2013

    I was recently diagnosed with iron deficient

    anemia. A ferritin of 2. Hemoglobin 8.6. I have started iron supplement and iron rich diet. I know each case is very individual but can anyone share their experience on how long it takes to feel better?
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Sep 14, 2014

    My battle with anemia began

    when I went to the ER in Sept 2014 for another condition I was admitted to the hospital for 11 days. I was told I was anemic prior to going to hospital, but did not realize how bad it was until they told me I needed blood transfusions. I received 4 blood transfusions and 3...
    anitamillr anitamillr
    46-50, F
    Feb 8, 2015

    I wasn't allowed to play outside

    as a child, because I would get seizures from exhaustion. I require iron mineral shots, and annual blood transfusions about once a year, I'm told I'll need to do it more frequently as I get older. I'm very pale, and have a healthy tan skinned child who is 3 now, and isn't...
    FayeValentine8 FayeValentine8
    26-30, F
    Dec 11, 2013

    Need Intravenous Iron?

    Doctors nationwide are now testing an investigational treatment for Iron Deficiency Anemia that would be given intravenously instead of orally.   Study participants in the IDA clinical research study will receive an initial consultation, study-related examinations, and study...
    VerAnemic VerAnemic
    1 Response Nov 28, 2011

    Does anyone else get dizziness,

    heart palpitations when lying down, pain in the ribs / between both ribs, shortness of breath, black dots and confusion? Or is something seriously wrong ...?
    justthatinvisiblegurl justthatinvisiblegurl
    22-25, F
    Aug 29, 2015

    I have had severe iron- deficiency anemia

    since i was 7 and it gets worse as i get older. I'm super pale, bruise for no reason and get killer migraines. i also get really weak and tired for no reason. i take ferrous gluconate and sulfate but i still have to monitor my red blood cell levels with blood tests every 2-3...
    courtiethelittledramaqueen courtiethelittledramaqueen
    16-17, F
    Jul 11, 2014

    I was diagnosed with Anemia

    after two trips to the ER and a visit to my PC doc for racing heart beat, shortness of breath, pulsing in the middle of my throat and light-headedness. It took almost 2 months for someone to figure out what was going on. Once my PC doc gave me the ferrous sulfate tablets I felt...
    Jasmine992 Jasmine992
    22-25, F
    Apr 11, 2015

    Hi, Does anyone have severe dizziness with

    their anemia. I feel like I'm going to pass out as I type this...
    Toa23 Toa23
    31-35, F
    Dec 3, 2014

    I Have Anemina , Im Trying To Not Let It Define Me

    I am 20 years old and a part -time college student I use to be a full-time student until the sickness got ahold of me , so I had to go to part time I was diagnosed my sophomore year of high school , just recently I started to get tired and feel sick and trip to the doctor at...
    cameronsgurl20 cameronsgurl20
    18-21, F
    Feb 26, 2012

    Three Years

    You know how you are suppose to recover from this after you have a baby? Yeah I never did, I get called lazy or crazy because I have to sit down or lay down for a long amount of time otherwise I collapse. I quit taking iron pills two years ago and I feel sickly most of the time...
    IvannaQuinn IvannaQuinn
    2 Responses Aug 11, 2013


    Hi Everyone, I am new to the board, I have been diganossed with iron deficient anemia, and low Hemoglobin levels..... I have been fighting this for quite some time now,....starting three years ago my iron and hemoglobin were low, so we did the usual test, colonscopy, and blood...
    susiewilburn susiewilburn
    56-60, F
    Oct 14, 2012

    One of the things I hate about being anemic is

    when I'm working out at school and I stand up and get light headed and my vision gets black dots in it, I just want one day where I can work out and not have to deal with being light headed.
    svankemps svankemps
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 12, 2015

    Abnormal Cbc Results - Anemia/iron Deficiency?

    Hi all .. I had a complete blood count I and these items were flagged as Low- Hematocrit - 32.9 (L) Hemoglobin - 10.3 (L) MCH - 21.5 (L) MCHC - 31.3 (L) MCV - 69 (L) RBC - 4.78 (normal) RDW 18.1 (L) WBC - 9.4 (normal) Doctor didn't inform me nor express concern...
    newnewep newnewep
    31-35, F
    Jan 15, 2013

    since im still a lil child im anemic,

    all i feel is shortness of breath, dizzyness, and im still ok but when i learn to sleep late, they bcame more frequent until i became deppressed and almost 2 weeks getting only 4 1/2 hours of sleep and 1 night i discover something more depressing and only got less than3 hours of...
    lachrymosejessa lachrymosejessa
    18-21, F
    Feb 28, 2015
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