I Have Asperger's Syndrome and Am Bi Or Gay

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    I have always been bisexual.

    I remember when I used to think Britney Spears was pretty hot at the age of 11(although shes isn't anymore). I never really caught on by those, at best put, "romantic" inclinations towards females. It wasn't until high school that I actually noticed I like women. At first it...
    airrocker airrocker
    1 Response Jan 7, 2014


    I know I have aspburgers cause I was diagnosed a few years back. I knew I was bi in the 6th grade. I also am a Pagan (I converted in the 8th grade.) I'm not the socail type though. I don't trust anyone and I just about have thirteen or fourteen close friends. Other than that I...
    thewizardofodd12 thewizardofodd12
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    Oddly Specific Group...

    This is an oddly specific group, but it is also a group in which I happen to fit. I'm an aspergic bisexual :) I didn't even search for it; it showed up on my little sidebar. I was just like, hmm. That's absolutely perfectly tailored for me... Kudos to the person who thought to...
    dpbg dpbg
    18-21, F
    Nov 11, 2012

    I'm Not Quite Sure That I Have It - Maybe I Have Avpd Or A Mixed Diagnosis

    I find that i fit most of the AvPD criteria - and only some of the asperger's. Yet, when i went to see a psychiatrist, he suggested that i may have Aspergers. I'm not sure. I've seen no reference anywhere to these 2 disorders possibly existing together... but i...
    eik12 eik12
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    Anti-discrumination, My Conviction

    Before I met experience project I've been denying myself for 10 years( include my homosexulity). Cause I don't feel safe in Hong kong to share the story to. I'd Like to have a boyfriend a settle life, an a nice job. Bu...t It's really tuff but I'll keep on, I'm not sure...
    Blacdia Blacdia
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    I'm A Mutant In A Human World

    Hola soy un chico tengo 25 aƱos, soy asperger y no creo en las consstrucciones psico-sociales sobre la sexualidad mas alla de lo reproductivo, que ddice k debemoss ser hetero o en el peor de los casos homo...la historia demuestra que no es asi, y que estas casillas son solo...
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    Hi there, I'm new to this website.

    I dislike Facebook for it's anti-privacy, and recently "came out" to my family and friends, who have mostly known about my Asperger's and all my quirks and emotional differences to "normal" people. At first I thought I liked women, since all my friends did, and it just seemed...
    Derolis Derolis
    26-30, M
    Oct 8, 2015

    It's A Struggle...

    I'm 17 now. I've dated 4 guys (I don't label myself as gay, straight or bi... What I love, I love) who have all been NT except my first true love. But I have an extremely picky preference in what I look for in a guy who I want to be serious with. He has to: --Crave knowledge...
    don29002 don29002
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    Tough Stuff

    I have a lot of stuff I would like to talk to someone about. I don't even have a circle of friends at all. My parents saw my web history about a month ago and saw I went to a few different gay sites - nothing raunchy or anything, but some nude pics, etc. My mom and dad are still...
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    Autistic And Bi? Sounds Like A Movie On Lifetime....

    Yes, it's true. I am 19 years old, Autistic, and a Bisexual who has a preference for women. However, I didn't admit it to myself until last year and I haven't completely come out. My boyfriend and a few of my friends know but no one in my family does. The funny part? Both of my...
    TheMolli6 TheMolli6
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    My Friend

    I couldn't believe it when I saw this page because it desribes one of my friends! He has came out and people have bullied him for it which is sad but as I'm no too, I get involved and stand up for him. Basically, we were in school but all my mates were off one day so I went up...
    h47hentahu7y5a h47hentahu7y5a
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    A Question.

    Obviously, there seem to be quite a few people with aspergers in the LGBT community.. Is there actually a known connection between the two, or is it just coincidence that a lots of people with aspergers identify as bi or gay?
    F3R0X F3R0X
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