I Have Babesiosis

A Babesiosis anonymous support group with information on diagnosis, treatment, symptoms, along with personal stories and experiences with Babesiosis. You're not alone. 7 People

    Developed Any Good Therapies For Babesiosis Symptoms?

    I have my second babesiosis infection in three years; both were contracted in my backyard in N. Fla., from pen-point sized ticks. With my doctors' approval, I originally used 4 months of a home-brewed quinine medicine made from cinchona bark (the original source of quinine...
    bkd01 bkd01
    Jun 23, 2011


    I cannot seem to get rid of my babesiosis and would love any guidance. I am also interested in just sharing experiences. Over the past few years I have taken two rounds of lariam, artemesia, and a round of co-artem. In addition to babesiosis, I have chronic lyme disease and...
    Noeliz Noeliz
    41-45, F
    Jan 1, 2012
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