I Have Been Abandoned By My Family

This is a place for all those that have been abandoned from their family. May it be kicked out or just ignored 11 People

    One Of Many Defining Moments:

    After my mom was murdered, i went to live with my grandparents. Skip ahead---3 years later when I was 11, my grandma took me to school one day. Well that's where we were supposed to go. She took me to CPS and left me there. They tried to talk to her...she said, "I'm not taking...
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    Rejected By My Own Sister (and Extended Family) Since Childhood And Still Dont Know Why. . .

    It would take volumes to explain my story. I only have one sister and she has always treated strangers off the street better than me. She is married, as am I, and has three children. She has made it nearly impossible for me to have a decent relationship with any of her kids...
    makirkpatrick makirkpatrick
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