I Have Been Lied To

Being lied to by an older mate 380 People

    Well buddy! Looks like you're added to my list

    of exes! Sorry, not sorry! But I won't date a liar. ;)
    MajesticMia MajesticMia
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jan 16, 2015

    Yes I have, so today I decide to tell you one

    of many things in life I have been lied about, and never believed would happen.. Well five years ago my mother sent me into foster care with my sister long before that I asked my mother never to put my sister through any of the things I went through with her, but that wasn't...
    deleted deleted
    Jan 22, 2014

    Omg these kids (no offense) keep going on

    and on and on. a bit he cheated she lied Come on your kids we all make mistakes is not the end of the world. I have made many I'm sure I have a lot left in me. And if bothering you over and over talk to someone or try to figure out if u are the one who is attracted to the...
    tricerich tricerich
    46-50, F
    1 Response May 14, 2014

    Don't tell me you love me

    and then leave. Don't promise you'll always be there and then drop me like I was nothing. You were my everything and you broke my heart. You were the first person I trusted and you treated me like I was nothing.
    jaebirda jaebirda
    18-21, T
    2 Responses Nov 1, 2015

    She tells me she loves me.

    She tells me she would break down if she ever lost me. She tempts me to put my faith in her. She strives for my loyalty. She tells me she cares about me; that she would never want to hurt me. But I get that feeling...I probe... I want to know how much do I not know. What...
    hardguy2tackle hardguy2tackle
    31-35, M
    Dec 26, 2013

    Everyone talks about fakes on the Internet.

    But a year ago- I found one. And I got hurt because of it. It started out as a simple friendship really. We both had the same tastes in music. We liked sharing songs with each other. We liked spazzing out over attractive people. But then, we started getting personal. They told...
    Gab1331 Gab1331
    1 Response Jan 2, 2015

    Found out that a father hat i have been told

    all my life is not dead and is alive and also had a convo with him. ***** mum !!
    stormykiwi stormykiwi
    26-30, F
    2 Responses May 20, 2014

    Daddy, You Liar

    To be fair, both of my parents were lying to each other before the divorce. My father was cheating on her with my now step-mom and my mother was hiding her homosexuality (or bisexuality, I'm not quiet sure. But she went off with a woman). I was very young when this happened and...
    Trekberry Trekberry
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jul 31, 2011

    Emotionless Liars

    I have been lied to by my parents, friends, and by my recent relationship. I am the type of person that cares about complete strangers. I help as much as i can to make other people happy. I am ignorant at times thinking that this world is filled with loving and honest people...
    Livingthroughexperience760 Livingthroughexperience760
    22-25, M
    1 Response Apr 7, 2013


    I don't know if I make my self seem week and feeble when it comes to relationships or just plain dumb.  I tend to choose those who I know will dissappoint me so when they do it won't hurt.  Yet, when I choose those whom I think I can really trust I get hurt and not just...
    JMelaB JMelaB
    18-21, F
    Dec 30, 2009

    Fatagustus the giant 820 pound fatty is a total

    fake he is a **** that leads chubby chasers on only to insult you and block you.... Plus he thinks gay guys are disgusting and terrible. He is a fake and if you have him in your circle or he's your friend block him and report that fake son of a *****.
    Gainerguy Gainerguy
    22-25, M
    Jul 17, 2014
    digdogdoog digdogdoog
    May 14, 2014

    it is nothing new. everyone has been lied too.

    .but the lies that hurt the big ones those are the ones that cause damage. the fakeness to the "i love yous" . to me cheating is lying and thats the biggest one. there are so many that get bored or in loveless marriages that it seems ok...it is never ok. why dont you leave before...
    moongoddess35 moongoddess35
    36-40, F
    Mar 4, 2016

    My love it was you, My heart was bursting full,

    overflowing, enough to share around, A lifetime of searching for safety, not believing it was found. A body yearning to be taken, exploring adventures new, A friend to share one’s everything….my love, it was you. My thoughts asleep, my morning rise, I wake up to your text...
    Susietrt Susietrt
    46-50, F
    Sep 7, 2014

    Sometimes late at night,

    I dream of hopeless fantasies. Negative and mean thoughts seem to always intrude my mind when I just wanted peace. Lately I haven't been able to sleep because of those negative thoughts.As of January 2nd, 2013, I found out a frightning lie that was kept from me when I was a...
    Endymion23 Endymion23
    18-21, M
    Jan 4, 2014

    basically i was catfished.

    but not the typical, oh the picture was different. we video chatted all the time. he talked to my friends and family. i really loved him... i thought he loved me. he always said he did. but he talked to other girls. he said they were just friends. he's dating her now. she...
    daydreamer27 daydreamer27
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jun 26, 2015
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Feb 21, 2015

    My boyfriend and I have been dating

    for more than a year now and just like every other couple we have our 'good times' and our 'bad times'. A long time ago during one of our very 'bad times,' he told me that he had been lying to me. He said that he had been lying about who he was with, where he was going, what he...
    MyDearDiary MyDearDiary
    18-21, F
    Jun 4, 2015

    I thought that i found the one

    but he just wants to use me ugh
    ridlez ridlez
    16-17, M
    Feb 29, 2016

    An EP user called FatExplodingBelly

    as been "drawing sketches for me", only I have found those pictures on Youtube posted 2 years ago. Caught red handed
    sonic2000gamer sonic2000gamer
    16-17, M
    1 Response Apr 7, 2015

    My ex boyfriend would lie to me!

    He lied for 7 months he was smoking behind my back! Since he broke up with me he would give me false hope then take it away false hope then take it away again! Grrr
    supersteph94 supersteph94
    22-25, F
    May 14, 2014

    One half of me is pissed off about

    but the other part of me is just like **** it who really give a **** anyways but honestly I don't even know why people lie why can't we all just be honest with each other.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 6, 2015
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