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I Have Been Naked At A Spa

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    In The Dry Sauna

    Up at Valley View Hot Springs there is an amazing dry sauna with a cool pool in the floor. So, when you get too hot you can step down for a quick dunk into the cool (not cold) water. It's absolutely brilliant. My wife and I have been to Valley View on several occasions. It's a...
    speakingmusic speakingmusic
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Apr 23, 2012

    Masage And Facial

    This is a story about being naked at a spa and getting embarrassed. I recently went to Florida on vacation over christmas break with some girlfriends we stayed in a really nice resort with pools yes i said pools and it was on the beach and it had a SPA. when we got to the resort...
    fastflash fastflash
    22-25, F
    21 Responses Feb 14, 2012

    In Germany

    I dated a Chinese girl for a while last year, and we travelled round parts of Germany. On three separate occasions, we went to spas and each time we both loved being completely naked without feeling either self-conscious or exhibitionist. The first (and best) was in Baden Baden...
    TheNakedPoet TheNakedPoet
    46-50, M
    1 Response Feb 16, 2012

    Adventure In New York

    I was recently in New York and feeling in need of a massage. Took a walk around the blocks from my hotel and found some places, but was unsure of what the names actually meant. There are lots of Back/Foot Rub Places and Nail/Massage Salons??? Anyway after doing a bit of googling...
    brudr12 brudr12
    46-50, M
    1 Response Jun 5, 2013

    Common Grounds

    Common grounds wellness center is a spa in portland where you can go get a massage or just go use their outdoor large hottub and sauna. It is a clothing optional spa so the soaking and the sauna are usually done in the nude. I went last night and there were 7 or 8 others there. I...
    nakedfarmer nakedfarmer
    26-30, M
    1 Response Feb 22, 2013

    Recently I was taken to a nude spa on a

    business trip (in Germany) with a business colleague and his family (wife, 20 year old daughter and 18 year old son). Really normal for them. Really awkward for me. (Although I really enjoyed the site of his wife and daughter and many of the other women there.)
    Aberdeenjuniper Aberdeenjuniper
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Oct 28, 2015

    Germany. The "saunaland" at the Caracolla

    Therme in Baden-Baden is coed and nudity is mandatory. What could be better? I was there once when a couple of American girls in their 20s came up from the textile part of the facility and were looking around in their bikinis. One of the female staff began speaking firmly to...
    HStoner HStoner
    51-55, M
    1 Response Jan 25, 2014

    Always In The Locker Room At Least...

    I've not been to an official 'spa' as described by most of those sharing stories on this category but I do go to a local Wellness Center a few times a week...the locker area's are of course seperate men vs. women, but it's still people everywhere... I start out by just undressing...
    Northstar133 Northstar133
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Feb 23, 2012

    Naked Innocence

    I have been a (nude) spa goer for 2+ years and prior to that I had little experience being nude with others except for family members and cousins when I was a young boy. When In was a young boy, I lived with my extended family in a big house with my Uncles, Aunts, cousins and...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Sep 19, 2013

    Naked At Spa

    i went to a spa a few weeks ago which was a nude spa and i had never been to a nude spa i had booked for a massage and i had to be nude and it was a women who did my massage and i was nude and she was nude, im a lesbian anyway and this girl was hot so i laid down on my front and...
    wgth wgth
    22-25, F
    1 Response Dec 25, 2012

    Naked Massages

    I have had massages at SPAs & at the homes of female massage therapists . I always prefer to be naked & without any sheets covering me while being massaged. It feels relaxing & arousing at the same time to be so vulnerable & in a state of surrender . I say surrender as the...
    naughtynude naughtynude
    36-40, M
    Nov 10, 2012

    Wife Massage

    I get my wife surprise massages for birthday, etc. presents sometimes. I have a male therapist come to house and give her massages. she always gets them undraped and totally naked. Loves her breast and pubic area massaged. Hasn't gone for a happy ending yet but in time I...
    floridatom floridatom
    51-55, M
    Sep 17, 2013

    Bad Day Turned Out Great

    I went for a massage today its an oriental massage but totally a legit place. there's no happy endings here. they do have some cute girls that work there though. I booked a massage with a really cute little girl jess I have never been to her before but I've chatted with her a few...
    dude137 dude137
    41-45, M
    1 Response Feb 1, 2013

    Grand Wailea - Maui

    I was fortunate to spend three weeks in Maui and was given the chance to visit the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa. I had done some research on the spa, because I was unsure of what to expect. I did find out it was a swim suit optional spa. So when my friend picked me up, she asked...
    deleted deleted
    8 Responses Apr 29, 2012

    Spa With My Family

    last week my family and i went to a spa near our city... the group was composed of me, my mom, my dad and my sis, the two brothers of my dad with their respective wives and children (three girls 9,12 and 19yo, and two boys 9 and 15yo) and my cousin boyfriend... we really enjoyed...
    alberigo alberigo
    22-25, M
    Nov 1, 2012

    Brazilian Wax

    I get waxed at least once a month and a pedicure. The spa I go to is very relaxed. If I am the last client for the day, I get down under waxed have to be nude for that. Then go straight to the pedicure still totally nude. I have done this several times. I have been getting...
    Laura122979 Laura122979
    2 Responses Jul 23, 2013

    I Was On A Business Trip And I Took My Gf with me, very lucky Japanese guys.

    I am a business professional and I frequently travel and stay in 5 star hotels. I was going to a convention client in a large city on the coast and I had enough air miles, so I asked my gf to come with me. She of course wanted to go, who would turn down a free stay at a 5 star...
    akamario akamario
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Jun 15, 2012


    My introduction to mixed spa nudity was in Baden-Baden.  There is a nice, very modern facility called Caracolla Therme.  The price was quite reasonable.  The first floor has a bar and a large indoor-outdoor pool.  It is textile.  Up a set of stairs in the "saunaland."  On...
    HStoner HStoner
    51-55, M
    8 Responses Jan 7, 2012

    Korean spa's are fantastic,

    There are common areas where you wear a uniform, shorts and t-shirt, and wet areas gender segregated that are nude. Wet areas have stem sauna, hot and cold tubs along with showers. Common areas have dry sauna's, clay , salt, emerald etc... All offer body scrubs and treatments...
    cbesley cbesley
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Jun 23, 2015

    Upscale Hotel Experiences

    I've been lucky to stay at a few five-star hotels in Shanghai and they all have marvelous spa facilities. They are segregated, so spending the time nude is not an issue. Usually I will spend time in the exercise room, and then use the spa. They are spacious, and I could get...
    pikeman666 pikeman666
    51-55, M
    2 Responses Feb 9, 2012

    Hot Springs

    I've been naked at a hot springs spa. It was clothing optional, but everyone was naked and enjoying the warm water, sauna and steam rooms. A lot more women than men, I had 6 women sharing the spring with me.
    Smash1806 Smash1806
    46-50, M
    4 Responses Oct 1, 2013

    Delightful Thai Spa

    Just had a wonderful experience with a 2 hour thai massage session. Normally people are all self-conscious and the therapists do the massage through light yoga style clothing. They know me and I just ***** down completely because it just makes everything easier for me and for...
    byen616 byen616
    31-35, M
    Apr 24, 2013

    Yes, I do go naked when at a local spa here.

    When I am there, I am completely undressed when they give me a massage. Yes, I am covered up with a long beach towel and go from there.
    mominpool mominpool
    46-50, F
    1 Response Jun 12, 2014

    Me And The Wife

    A few years ago I decided to spoil my wife with a day at a Spa. I contacted a classy day spa recommended to me by a female colleague and was delighted to find out they had a special package for couples. I made the booking and told my wife. She was very excited about us going...
    RichardsDick RichardsDick
    46-50, M
    Sep 17, 2012

    Would you ever be in a position

    where you get to know somebody for the first time while naked? The first time I met my Japanese friend was in a Korean SPA where we both struck a conversation while naked. We have been friends since then.
    deleted deleted
    Jan 26, 2016

    I went to a mixed gender spa

    while studying abroad in Germany. It was nice but the men definitely stare at you way too much. I didn't care much as I knew I was thousands of miles from running into anyone that I knew. One guy I saw there was really cute and I felt a little awkward when I was close to him...
    Kristina4889 Kristina4889
    26-30, F
    4 Responses Apr 15, 2014

    Hard To Hide...

    The German way of mixed nude saunas/spas is something I really love to be part of, but it is always a struggle to not react physically to all those fully nude females, with perfect t i t s, wonderful legs and butts and bald p u s s i e s! Some women really like the attention...
    couple1990 couple1990
    41-45, M
    4 Responses Nov 14, 2012

    My Odd Spa Day

    So I was ready for an oil massage, naked and all, my boobs down. Then my massager came in, and to my surprise he ******** down. I was astonished. I was about to leave but he held me down, I was so scared so he held me down and had sex with me. I didn't believe it. I had an...
    JoeyB333 JoeyB333
    1 Response Jul 16, 2013

    I Like Being Myself

    For years I was embarrassed to have a tiny phallus and I was so akward in a spa or locker rooms for anyoone to see how I am. Now I can be as I am and not embarrassed and let anyone see how I have a micro phallus and it is okay. It is how I am. I am micro in size and it is okay.
    jpadvanceee jpadvanceee
    51-55, M
    Jan 6, 2013
    bareidol bareidol
    31-35, M
    1 Response Oct 26, 2015

    This was a few years ago shortly

    after I became member in this hobby club in town and we were having our annual winter weekend in the alps. We all traveled to Austria but unfortunately the snow was pretty crappy. So we went home earlier and there was talk about using the hotel spa area. My only contact with...
    SwissCuddles SwissCuddles
    31-35, M
    Apr 2, 2015

    Hotel Spa Men'S Locker Room

    By: Me Today my wife and I had some time to spare. We are on vacation and staying at a beautiful resort in Puerto Rico. The reason we had some extra down time today was due to the fact that it was raining buckets. This afternoon the weather is set to improve and we will return...
    Qdoba Qdoba
    36-40, M
    1 Response Jun 19, 2013

    Difference Between Spas In The US and Europe

    I am not a big spa afficionado, but I do enjoy massages. A great massage brings relief from a stressful job, exercise, and from a few surgeries I've had from over-doing it in sports (including two surgeries for removing discs in lower back and neck....). So I visit spas near...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Jan 29, 2012

    On an Alaskan cruise I

    once had the salt body scrub and the tech was an attractive young lady. Having her massage my entire naked body and then shower off in front of her was very erotic. I found myself rinsing and massaging my boobs a little longer than I probably needed to. She watched me shower and...
    dianejo dianejo
    46-50, F
    15 Responses Oct 19, 2015

    My friends and I were on a trip to New York

    City. Of course, we wanted to get laid. It turned out that it wasn't that easy to just pick up a stranger for a hookup. We saw some thai spas in the city. Near the end of our trip, since none of us got lucky, we decided to check out one those spas. We got the impression that...
    teenotes teenotes
    22-25, M
    2 Responses May 9, 2014

    Nude Sauna With Erotic Goings-on

    HEAD IN THE SAUNA On occasions, my wife Sarah and I used to go to a naturist sauna. I am a confirmed exhibitionist and I also love to watch my wife with other men, although the latter didn't happen very often. So the main reason for going, was to show us both off naked and hope...
    Dan1921 Dan1921
    41-45, M
    1 Response Aug 17, 2013

    My First Time Naked At A Spa

    Go to a spa and be naked for hours???OK, I'm dieting (I've BEEN dieting for 18 months and have lost about 135lbs, and still have 60 to go), but I'm a long way from looking like Michaelangelo's David. Nor am I "overly endowed down there" but am "just average."   So naturally I...
    Siegmund Siegmund
    61-65, M
    1 Response Dec 21, 2012

    It Was Nice ...

    Ok, the first time was quite awkward for me but now its fine and I like it a lot. I live in Germany and I go to wellness spa and sauna like twice a month. In that area, you are not allowed to wear swimsuit but just a towel or better naked. The problem is, I just have to stop...
    DollyDiva DollyDiva
    26-30, F
    7 Responses Sep 12, 2012

    Erotic Encounter In European Public Health Spa.

    Being from Europe,now living in the US I was accustomed visiting a health spa quite frequently. Now I am happy that everytime I go to Europe, which is a couple of times a year I can visit one of my favourite Spa in southern Germany. Having had several erotic encounters in the...
    bchlvr bchlvr
    Sep 4, 2013

    My Best Spa Day

    Ok, first the back story, briefly, my wife introduced me to body wraps and massages on our honeymoon, and now I go every chance I can get. The last time was on vacation and I signed up for a body scrub, wrap and massage. So as I go to the spa for the appointment and I am having...
    Caleb0718 Caleb0718
    46-50, M
    Nov 19, 2013

    Baden-baden Revisited

    I so wish that I was sitting nude in the saunaland at the Caracolla Therme right now.
    HStoner HStoner
    51-55, M
    Nov 2, 2013
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