I Have Blount's Disease

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    My 2 Year Old Daughter Has Blount's

    My daughter just recently found out that she has blount's disease. We went out to Shriner s Hospital in MO, back in August of 2011. Didn't get much answer out there. So we went to Children's Mercy South in Kansas back in Feb 2012 and found out there might be a chance that my...
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    I was diagnosed with Blount's at the age of 5. I have mild bowing of the right leg and had severe bowing of the left. I had 5 surgeries ay the age of 6, 9 and 12 with osteotomy, casting, crutches and physical therapy. These surgeries did not help when I started walking again...
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    I was 13 when my mom notice something wrong with the way i would stand so she took me to rite time (A doctors office or something) and from their i mfeet with alot of specailists nd doctors nd it was about a year and a half.Before i had my surgery done on my right then i had it...
    Blounts124 Blounts124
    Feb 9, 2013

    My Dad

    My dad didn't know he had Blount's disease until he was 17 years old. when he stood with his feet together he could easily fit a basketball inbetween his knees. In order to correct it he had to have both of his legs broken and reset causing him to be out of school for 4 months...
    soccarox soccarox
    Dec 1, 2012

    My Son Has Blounts Disease...

    My name is Kira and my 2 year old son Benjamin has Blount's Disease. This is a very rare, complex and confusing disease. I am really trying to network with other families who are going through the same thing. I have started a Blog; which has a lot of information. I'm documenting...
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    My Experience With Blount's Disease

    I was diagnosed with Blount's at two and a half years of age.{ My place of treatment was Cardinal Glennon Hospital, in St. Louis, Mo.} I don't know if the first thing they did was a surgery, or just casted me with torsion bars. There are pictures of me with this cast, but I don't...
    lisaann64 lisaann64
    Nov 20, 2013

    My Daughter Has Blount'S Disease

    My daughter has Blount's disease. She is six years old and she had surgery back in October. They did a osteotomy on both legs. She was put in casts and spent six weeks in a wheelchair. That was the longest six weeks of my life.She was totally dependent on me to lift her to take...
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