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    I had a stroke March 2nd.

    I was in the hospital from March 2-March 25. Then I was in a rehab facility till April 19th. I started feeling this burning ,stabbing pain in my right arm and leg. I have been given pain meds but they don't touch the pain. I am still fighting to regain complete use of my...
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    Okay, there is nothing special about me except that I am tired of people thinking I am crazy. I have been from pillar to post. Doctor to doctor, gone through anxiety, depression, alcoholism, been diagnosed with all kinds of physical and mental stuff. I have had CPS for 12...
    smokey48141 smokey48141
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    Central Pain Syndrome - A Mind Of It's Own

    I was recently diagnosed with Central Pain Syndrome which has me a bit confused.  Thus far the doctor's office also calls this "Type IV Central Mediated Pain," and "Myofascial Pain Syndrome.  These names are a bit confusing to me so I will tell you my symptoms and I am...
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    Effective Treatment For Thalamic Pain Syndrome

    To make a long story short, my dad suffered a stroke in 2008. As a result, he was diagnosed with thalamic pain syndrome. Those following three years where nothing short of hell for him, as well as his family and friends. He tried medication, bio feedback (2 months in mayo clinic...
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    Living With Central Nerve Pain

    I have had central pain for 10 years after a nerve in my neck got pinched off a fun caring person and use to work as a nurse. I recently tried to get into the Mayo clinic to get re-evaluated but was denied for the 3rd time. The doctors here have all but given up. Nerves are...
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    Full Body Cps Since Stroke In 2006

    Hi, My name is Julie. I had a stroke at 26 yrs old in 2006. I was told it wasdue to the birth control nuvaring. Four months later I started feeling a burningpain in my hands. Within a few weeks the burning pain was everywhere. It isan intense cold, burning pain throughout my...
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    Living With Central Pain Syndrome

    I have central pain resulting from a Thalamic stroke.  The stroke occurred in 2004  and have been in constant pain since.  The pain I experience is a burning pain on my left side.  I have tried all narcotics, anti seizure medication , neurontin, Trileptal  wiath no results...
    cetanska cetanska
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    Cps Spreading

    I have had cps for a couple of months and it happened one morning i woke up and i had pain in my left hand i thought it was just that i had slept funny but the pain was unbearable so i went tp vist the doctor and she said it was just a trapped nerve. After i went to several...
    shaddyxxxx shaddyxxxx
    Aug 24, 2012

    CPS - Sweden

    I've never met anyone else who has suffered from CPS, never even spoken to anyone. I'm 17 y/o and I live in Sweden, here the disease barely exists. I lost my ability to walk for four months because of CPS. I was enrolled at a hospital for three months and the doctors couldn't...
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    I had stroke when I was 29 years old.

    I am 35 years now, I was using contraception Nuvaring when the stroke occurred. I suffer CPS now. CPS took my life, I am not the same person.
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